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Galapagos, big brains and politics

October 9, 2016

Having just reread, for the umpteenth time, Kurt Vonnegut’s book Galapagos, I offer a tip of the hat to Mr Vonnegut for the inspiration for this posting. His books over the years have not only given me a fresh if not ‘unique’ way of seeing life but have provided many hours of entertainment. I apologize for woefully trampling on his style but I have attempted to convey his essence to my musings of todays world.

It was one of those infrequent cold damp Alaskan fall days when no matter what cloths you layered on it did nothing to keep the chill from penetrating right down to your bones, and after an hour away from the camp fire I was beginning to feel like a human icicle. I was making a short trip down the ridge line to a nearby stream for some water and somehow got turned around in the doh_homer_simpson-1084brush and was having trouble finding my way back to camp. My big brain had done it again because I had let my mind wonder a bit as I filled the water jugs and now was lost in the thick brush surrounding the creek.

It was not the first time my big brain has failed me because over the years I had made many a blunder following what that big brain told me to do only to realize after the fact that it must be malfunctioning and shouldn’t be trusted. It also appears that the vast majority of humans, these days, are having this same problem with a distinct lack of common sense and respect for others as evidence of a world wide malfunction in their big brains.

Take for instance the big brain’s in a small number police officers who think that shooting first and then figuring out what a persons intentions were is a good idea. This action then resulting in a great number of peoples big brains was to think it meant that they should go out to rob and destroy other peoples property or to assault people who didn’t think like they do.

This impairment in peoples big brains does not seem to be relegated to only the populace but its leaders as well. This is witnessed in the fact that not only for many years now our representatives can not balance the budget for our nation, but that the President thinks it is a good idea to go around the world apologizing to other countries, saying that America is a bad nation not only because many of its citizens believe America is better then any other country but because we want other countries to adapt our freedom and way of life.

my big brain is wrong to think
that we are an especially blessed nation
because no other country upholds the same freedom
to practice the religion you want
to speak your mind without being arrested
and to be whatever sexuality you want without being murdered for it
for once I think my ‘big brain’ got it right

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  1. October 9, 2016 7:26 am

    Very valid points, Pete! If physical size of one’s brain denoted intelligence then macrocephliacs would all be genus’s, right..?! As with most situations it is as much about how you utilize what ya have as the relative proportions based upon the ‘norm’. For most folks it is the failure to put the brain in gear before the mouth in motion that causes them, and so much of our world, so much grief!!


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