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The Presidential debate… Epilogue

September 27, 2016

Expecting the phrase ‘The horror’, (from the movie Apocalypse now), to exemplify the debate last night I for one img_0702was left with the more apt phrase ‘Much ado about nothing’, (from the Broadway play), to describe what transpired during those ninety minutes. If one could isolate the Clinton remarks from Trumps and play them separately it would have ended up looking like a 45 minute infomercial for each candidate.

Waiting for the presumable foot in the mouth remark or angry tirade by Trump proved futile, because Trump maintained a lackluster performance throughout. Though there were very few surprises coming from Trump one did get the overall impression that he was more equipped to sit in the presidents chair then one believed before the debate. Even though quite a bit of his time was spent countering questions on remarks he made throughout his campaign he did manage to show more depth of knowledge on non-business topics than we expected.

I observed that Hillary managed to ‘restrain’ her personal attacks on Trump, at the same time revealing no new information on any of her missteps made during her time as Secretary of State. She did reinforce to us that indeed she had more experience with interactions between the United States and foreign powers, but other than that she presented nothing new

Maybe I am just an old curmudgeon who wants to witness a battle to the death over who gets to be President, but is that truly wrong? I am sure both candidates were coached to not let go and no matter what the other candidate said to remain calm and ‘look presidential’….  well they did and it is our loss. Where is that spark of emotion that makes one want to jump up and say yes that’s who I want for President. This job they are applying for is so important because it effects the very lives of ‘we the people’, shouldn’t those wanting it inspire us to vote for them.

The speeches
“ask not what your country can do for you” by Kennedy
“I have a dream” by Dr Martian Luther King

Inspired us to look to the future
and have hope.

What we witnessed last night
inspired us
to change the station.

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  1. September 28, 2016 8:26 am

    I heard that Matt Lauer said ‘the only losers in last night’s debate were the American people’. While I view him as a typical liberal talking head from what I’ve seen in the endless stream of sound bites he was probably correct…


  2. October 2, 2016 6:30 am

    Trump’s fury of twitters in the middle of the night is SO ODD!!!! I’m triggered by people who spout off at the mouth considering I have family members that do that. UGH! And then Hillary’s holier than thou attitude as if she is above it all. Pahlease! This election is a joke.


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