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Racism or common sense… Texas Pete’s view from under the brim…

August 19, 2016

Does it make me a racists if

I want to shut down all illegal immigration

and deport everyone who is in this country illegally?


From 1892 to 1954 Ellis island was Americas busiest federal immigration station. During that time some 12 million people passed through its doors and today 40 percent of all current U.S. Citizens can trace at least one of their ancestors to Ellis Island. Today however the largest number of immigrants to our nation, who want to enjoy the freedoms and benefits all Americans share, are illegal and ignore our nations immigration laws.

At Ellis island as part of the screening arrivals were asked 29 questions including name, occupation, and the amount of money they carried. It was important to the American government that the new arrivals could support themselves and have money to get started. The average the government wanted the immigrants to have was between 18 and 25 dollars ($600 in 2015 adjusted for inflation). Those with visible health problems or diseases were sent home. Some unskilled workers were rejected because they were considered “likely to become a public charge.” About 2 percent were denied admission to the U.S. and sent back to their countries of origin for reasons such as having a chronic contagious disease, criminal background, or insanity.

Today those entering our country illegally, across our border with Mexico, face no physical exam or test of financial stability and thus the potential for a bigger drain on our economy and an outbreak of diseases not currently common in America is likely. Why is it when anyone shoulders the call for tighter controls on our borders and the expulsion of those here illegally for some reason they are called a racist, instead of being seen as one who is looking out for citizens legally here…

After all for over 60 years Ellis Island proved
that those entering legally
were healthy, had the skill to work and the money to survive.

So why does one have to be a racist
if they only wants to protect what we have?

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  1. August 19, 2016 7:05 pm

    Reblogged this on Life, the Obstacle Course and commented:
    On Issues of Illegal Immigrants…


  2. August 19, 2016 7:06 pm

    I think, that the U.S. is going back to its former days of isolationism now, because of the terrorist attacks that happened, and how the job outlook isn’t going at all, and, people are blaming the immigrants, because they’re easy scapegoats…


  3. john permalink
    August 20, 2016 3:19 am

    how about political correctness, which is a insidious method of mind and political control-boil it all down and it is about power and control, and packing the electorate for controlling votes–no one will say that of course, it is not PC..oooppps! now Ive done it!! scream and wail on john w8wej


  4. August 20, 2016 5:28 am

    I suspect this ludicrous concept of ‘social justice’ is at the core of much of the miasma that’s the immigration issue.


  5. Jon permalink
    August 20, 2016 2:42 pm

    It took my wife almost a year to become a citizen. She went through much of the above described events. This was just a scant 42 years ago. She has never mentioned feeling discriminated against; those were the rules back then & to this day she’s grateful to be here. It really boils her blood to see what goes on now because we’ve been cowed by political correctness.


  6. August 24, 2016 5:54 am

    My grandparents came through Ellis Island. I totally agree that there should be a passage, a checkpoint, SOMETHING for Mexico. It’s ridiculous.


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