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It’s common sense… at least to me

August 16, 2016

A while back I bought a new DVD player and brought it out to my cabin only to find it would not work. I am sure everyone of us have purchased something at one time or another and it did not do what we were told it would and had to return it. I am also sure you as I did were not in the best frame of mind when we brought it into the store for an exchange or refund. Quite possibly we relied on the salesperson who insisted it would do this and that but it ended up not delivering on their promises.

The point is we did return the item and just maybe let the person who sold it to us know we would not be dealing with them or that store again. Most people take there time when making purchases especially those that cost a lot of money and we rely on our research of the facts to ensure that we have made a good decision.

If we return to a certain restaurant and for some reason the meal we choose is not up to its usual standards we let the management know and if it happens repeatedly we stop eating there, no doubt resulting in the owner firing the cook or wait staff that caused the loss of customers. So why do we let people we have hired and compensate quite well with a generous salary and benefits that even we do not receive get away with constantly failing to do their job?

Cartoon - Congress

Our President, congressmen and senators
fail us week after week
so why
do we allow them to continue
to work for us?

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  1. August 16, 2016 7:46 am

    I saw one interesting take on this election; it came from a fairly conservative friend. She suggested maybe everyone should vote for Hillary based upon the idea the woman is so incompetent and would be completely out of her league in becoming president she will eventually screw something up so badly even her ‘Teflon Queen’ exterior will not be able to survive the fallout. This would engender some serious issues with the people in general and possibly give rise to the aforementioned marching on Washington and demanding we get our country back. Who knows, in ten years maybe historians will look back at the 2016 presidential race as the beginning of the end of the current two party system. We can only hope..!!


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