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Everyone lies… a personal vent tied to todays political scene

July 29, 2016

Since I arrived in Texas I have been re-watching a television series called ‘House”. In it a miserably warped doctor solves unsolvable medical problems, despite his addiction to Vicodin. Throughout the eight seasons his mantra is mky2“everyone lies”, because he has found over the years when questioning a patient they do not think being truthful, about personal matters, will help them with their medical problem. In listening over the past few months to our political leaders I think this ‘mantra can be applied to almost everyone.

Do you really believe there will be a massive impenetrable wall, running the entire length of our border, built between the Unites States and Mexico if Trump wins the election? Did you really believe the President when he said you could keep the health care plan you had and that it would cost thousands of dollars less under obama-care? ….and did you believe Hillary when she said the coordinated attack in Benghazi, by terrorists with rocket launchers and automatic weapons, was the result of a video on YouTube?

So why would you think your friends or neighbors are any more truthful than our political leaders, is it simply because you think you know them and have a personal connection? Their words/truth’s can sometimes not survive when the light of reality shines on it and will no doubt hurt the people around them. However without truth and honesty as your foundation then any friendship is built on shaky ground and is deemed to fail.

Sometimes when we are close to people it takes a very long time to finally see that we have been lied to for years and at times decades. This is partially because we do not want to accept the fact that our friends would lie to us and partially because it takes that long for the lies to build up and finally become visible. There is only one way to establish a good relationship and that is communication, ‘truthful’ communication. Weather it be a friend, neighbor or spouse communicating truthfully is the bedrock of a solid foundation. Your wife may not like it when we tell her we don’t like the dinner she has worked on for hours but that truth will, down the road in the relationship, bear fruit we never knew despite the immediate pain of getting hit in the head with a pot or pan.

This late in life I find myself facing the fact that for decades I was lied to and used and now it is too late to change the direction in which my life is heading. For decades I have taken for granted that what people told me and what was expected of me was based friendship and truthful communication only now to find it was based on lies. When I lived on the East coast in Philly I was street wise enough to always accept what others told me with a grain of salt, but in Alaska I mistakenly thought I found a different breed of people, truthful ones where what you see is what you get… I was wrong.

I guess in the world we live in today where our nations leaders and representatives in congress lie to us at every turn we have begun to accept this as the way we should also live our lives. So from our parents telling us little white lies as we grow up to the teachers who bend the truth in school to fit their agenda to the news media that continuously shade the truth to keep us from thinking about what is truly important is it any wonder we have no concept of right and wrong anymore?

Everyone lies
was the catch phrase of the television show House
because he dealt with people facing the harsh reality
of life and death
what is our excuse?

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  1. July 29, 2016 1:32 pm

    Keep them guys north of the border and Order Peter. Thanks for the follow and for being a great American.


  2. July 29, 2016 6:02 pm

    I’m sorry you’ve been lied to. I know that feeling very well and I’m highly sensitized to it. I don’t trust people easily. Our politicians exemplify lying at its most evil form.


  3. Jon permalink
    August 1, 2016 4:27 am

    And there’s the white lie where we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. All of us have been there too.
    The worst ones are the pathological liars; they actually believe they are telling the truth.
    “Smile to your face, all the time want to take your place, the backstabbers.”


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