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Smart handguns… and other irrational ideas?

July 5, 2016

APID and Rippers news service, July 5, 2016…. Congress today passed a bill outlawing any handgun that was not equipped with state of the art ‘smart’ technology. This latest techno-upgrade was created by Google to eliminate any mky2possibility of workplace violence (aka..terroristic incidents). This new tech will asses the situation when the handgun is removed from its holster and decide weather ‘it‘ thinks the situation warrants the gun to fire. It also limits the number of bullets fired to two, in case the first one misses the mark, after that a five minute mandatory wait is triggered before it can be fired again.

Insane, absurd and stupid are just a few words that come to mind about this bogus news account, but is it anymore crazy than having millions of ‘driver-less’ cars on our highway? Almost everyone has at one time or another battled through ‘rush hour’ traffic, observing those type ‘A’ drivers that think they own the road and everyone else is nothing more than obstacles to get around as fast as they can. From swerving in and out of lanes to panic stops for no apparent reason they leapfrog between cars only to end up like the rest of us behind a line of stopped cars.

So I must ask do you want millions of driver-less cars to be barreling down the roadway at 55 or faster, driving along side of you or cutting in front of you? … nether. Then I must ask why is there such a big push to develop driver-less cars? Why are auto makers, Google and even Apple investing multi-millions to get their cars on the road? Who do they think will buy them?

After hundreds of accidents while testing these ‘driver-less’ vehicles from different manufactures, and now on May 7th the first fatality, they will be harder to sell than when the electric car was first offered. Yes I am sure there will be many who will line up to buy them just like they did for the electric car. But I believe just like with the electric car these people will buy them because of an emotional desire not a well thought out decision. Like they did when they erroneously thought the electric car would be beneficial to the environment because it doesn’t use any gasoline… never considering that the power plant that supplies the electricity to charge their car is run on fossil fuel!

However just like the computer you are using now
with its tendency to at times to lock up, run slow or even crash
would you want to be driving down the highway
and have your car’s computer crash?

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  1. July 5, 2016 1:21 pm

    OMG…seriously??????? That is absolutely ridiculousness. We have everything else making “decisions” for us. This is indeed crazy. I agree about driverless cars especially in very busy areas like the bay area. I can’t even imagine. I would love a driverless RV though where Dave and I can travel all over without having to drive lol. I want it alllll!!!!! ;)


  2. Jon permalink
    July 5, 2016 3:09 pm

    To add to what you said Pete, tests have proven that you can hack a car’s computer system & control a car from as far as 10 miles away!
    As to your “weaving in & out of traffic” last Fri. I was driving my bus downtown when this white BMW convertible whipped out of oncoming traffic to pass a few cars on a double yellow line & came fairly close to colliding with me. I checked my mirror & he’d maybe gained 4 car lengths. Plenty of people milling around too. Congratulations extended to the idiot. Maybe a driverless car would suit someone like this moron.
    Electric cars are so quiet it’s conceivable to accidentally run over someone because you can’t hear them coming up on you.


  3. Del permalink
    July 6, 2016 4:59 am

    Yes wasn’t Tesla government ( or tax payer) subsidized company? Solindra comes to mind too…. Yes that driver that committed suicide ( my opinion) was watching a video when he died. That accident was just down the road from where we live and I know some of the first responders that came up on the crash and they noted the video was running when they arrived…. DOA…… I just can’t believe he would not pay attention to the road! They need to abandon this idea and pay attention… First rule of the road! And Jon is right about the electric cars you can’t hear coming… They need to add a noise to those dang cars…. Its just getting crazy out there Pete…… Just look what FBI head just did! God help us!!!


  4. Del permalink
    July 6, 2016 5:23 am


  5. July 6, 2016 9:57 am

    Pete, I do believe ‘autonomous vehicles’ will one day replace human drivers and be much safer but that time is well into the future and probably further out than my ‘check out’ date. Another thing about the electric cars; they use far more in terms of resources during construction than gasoline powered vehicles and when they wear out they leave hundreds and hundreds of pounds of toxic waste mainly from the batteries. I’m still waiting for the battery packs to finally give out on the early model all electric cars; some owners are going to be in ‘sticker shock’ when the see they will need to pay a third of the car’s total purchase cost to replace said batteries…


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