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Tin foil hat… anyone?

June 22, 2016

OK before I start I will assure you it is not the heat down here in Texas that has me writing this posting. I was browsing through the numerous news sources I have including a number of foreign newspapers and almost every source had at least one article dealing with the migration of homeless imagespeople from the middle east across European borders, or something about our own problems dealing with the flood of illegals across the American border. As I pondered one such article a wisp of an idea rose to the surface and I started to write. OH yeah before I finished my posting I decided that writing this would entail an addition to my wardrobe…a new hat!

Millions of people illegally crossing our border and millions of people are flooding across European borders as migrants or refugees and governments around the world are turning a blind eye to laws already on the books in reference to them. Here in the United States our president hastens the flood of illegals across our border by aiding, (with our tax dollars), migrants from middle eastern countries to fly here and supports them when they arrive. What is going on?

Have I fallen asleep and this is some alternate reality dream? Why are we ignoring laws on our books that would automatically deport anyone who crosses our border illegally? Why when we have a trillion dollar deficit do we spend money we do not have to import ‘potential’ terrorists? Our nation is drastically changing its foundation of law abiding people with, by the very nature of how they got here, criminals.

I can hear you saying these people need help and that they were suffering in their home country, but ellisislandbbbbthose situations existed almost as long as this nation has. Many are saying America was built on the shoulders of immigrants and this is TRUE. Back in the early 1900’s millions of immigrants came to these shores to become Americans, but they went through Ellis Island and did it legally! They were from nations that were at war or they wanted more freedom or living conditions were so horrible that their children were dying, so these immigrants stepped up and applied for immigration and went through the lengthy legal process to gain entry to the united states.

Now however it seems that no one wants to abide by the rule of law because now even an illegal immigrant can not only reap the same medical and financial benefits as any American citizen, but they can turn around and protest when they are being deprived of these benefits. Something is wrong with this picture.

Why has the United States government
ignored its own laws on legal immigration?

Why have governments around the world
allowed their countries to be flooded
by migrants from the middle East?

Could there be some world plan
being played out that we do not know about?

Or do you think it is just coincidence?

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  1. June 22, 2016 8:32 am

    Our ‘Liar In Chief’ was unable to convince most of the people that he knew best regarding immigration so he just decided to take measures into his own hands. After all, he really does believe he knows what is best for us…like refusing to utter the words ‘Islamic Terrorism’. But the really sad thing in all of this is ‘we the people’ just sit back and let him do this with hardly a whimper. Of course, we can also thank our spineless representatives in the Congress for refusing to challenge his power grabs with anything other than some feeble whining. But then, didn’t ‘we the people’ put them in office in the first place..? The more ludicrous these situations become the more I am convinced we’re just reaping what we have sown…


  2. Jon permalink
    June 22, 2016 1:49 pm

    It took my wife almost a year to become a citizen & it really pisses her (and many of her family & friends) that these people just waltz in & get the freebies & commit in some cases heinous crimes. Then we have the sanctuary cities, which in my opinion should be cut off from federal funding; let them get their money from Mexico!
    I know I’m preaching to the choir but few politicians are willing to stand up to this crap because they won’t look good to their constituents.
    Forever Alaskan is right; Obama abuses his power to get his way. Can’t wait til he’s gone if he doesn’t return in the form of Hillary.


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