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4 dead 9 wounded as protesters march…

June 6, 2016

In a little over 13 seconds 25 National Guard troupes fired 61 rounds which killed 4 protesters and wounded nine. That was May 4th 1970 at Kent state university but on Thursday June 3rd protesters Kent_State_massacredisobeying the law once again tempted fate as they became violent in San Jose, California. Of course with the riots that ensued over recent police involved shootings those in San Jose law enforcement, for the most part in the beginning, just stood by and watched the mob intimidate and physically harm rally attendees.

When the situation escalated the police attempted to intervene but the first squad car on the scene was attacked and had to withdraw. Only later when the police moved in en-mass were they finally able to quell the demonstration. I am positive had this been a demonstration by Trump supporters or Tea party people that had gotten physical it would have been a different story. Instead of just a few arrests their would have been hundreds detained and law enforcement would I am sure have brought enough force to shut it down with the first attempt.

To make matters worse, in a speech, the mayor of San Jose was blaming Trump and his supporters for San Jose_trump rally1inciting the violence, and many of the news reports were calling it a demonstration where a few people were involved in some ‘scuffles’. How could mayor Sam Liccardo possibly justify his words? If this was a Clinton rally and the protesters were Trump supporters do you think he would blame Hillary?

I must have been asleep when the 1st amendment to our constitution was repealed and the rule of law no longer has any value. It is not freedom of speech when someone talks about things you agree with, it is freedom of speech when you hate to your very soul what they are saying but accept their right to say it. As far as the rule of law… it just doesn’t exist any more. The violent actions by the protesters was in itself criminal but because our police are worried how it would be played out in the media they held back in arresting those breaking the law.


In this present day and age it is apparent that
your freedom of speech
and right to disobey the law
depends on which side of
political and social issues you stand.

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  1. Jon permalink
    June 6, 2016 11:33 pm

    And the problem is, it’s going to get worse as the summer goes on & the election moves closer.
    Here in Minneapolis. in 1967 or ’68 there were riots in north Mpls. buildings were burned & people were injured. Almost the same thing repeated itself earlier this spring when a punk named Jamar Clark was shot & killed by police. Black Lives (agenda) Matters & your usual “community ” organizers occupied a several block area around the 4th precinct. To make a longer story short, they left the area looking like a dump & there was no real show of force by police due to a weak enabling mayor & council.
    Cops weren’t charged & I think the situation is still simmering.


  2. June 7, 2016 6:47 am

    We have been slowly losing our collective respect for our laws across decades now and I feel a lot of this is based upon seeing people in power – mainly lawyers and politicians – twist and spin the truth until it is no longer recognizable. Our legal system is supposedly based upon determining truth but when the average person cannot see ‘truth’ because it has been so distorted they begin to lose faith in the idea we are a ‘nation of laws’. Add to this some of the relatively recent miscarriages of justice this country has endured – I’m thinking the OJ debacle as well as the Casey Anthony disgrace to name just two – and it’s no wonder people begin to feel a bit jaded regarding our ‘nation of laws’. The final nail in this coffin has been the current administration which basically ignores laws when they are inconvenient…


  3. June 8, 2016 10:59 am

    I’m sick of it all Pete. I fear we will never have a good president again because it’s so corrupt. I’m glad I didn’t go down to SJ!


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