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Sex, morality and the federal government

June 2, 2016

Just maybe the ‘good old days’ weren’t so good. In the era between the 40’s and 50’s, when I was growing trans1up we had rampant racism across this nation, a mayor named Frank Rizzo who would wade into a anti-war demonstrators in a tux and beat with his police baton those who would not disperse and parents who were at times violently intolerant of any disobedience by their children.

But at the same time we saw a respect of all authority figures, and a overall morality based generally on biblical beliefs even when people did not believe in any religion. In the decades since we have been witness to the erosion of all of this to the point now that if we do respect our police or adhere to a moral life we are ridiculed and at times in physical danger.

This erosion of guidance by the family unit came about partially because of the economy and the need for working more than one job. With one or both parents now working the children’s after school actions are no longer closely monitored. But more importantly we also have been witness to the federal government replacing the parent with regard to teaching sex education in our schools.

The latest overstep by Washington, (in its apparent war against morality), is telling the states they must not discriminate with regard to school and public bathrooms. To assure the implementation of this action it is noted that ‘failure to do so will jeopardize the states federal school funding’. This threat however is being rejected by many states and in fact 11 states have sued the government. The lawsuit accused the federal government of overstepping its constitutional powers by taking actions that should be left to Congress or individual states.

On a personal note I do not want my daughter or granddaughter’s to have to use the same bathroom as a man who thinks he is a woman. Some parents are standing up for the rights of their children and are removing their children from schools that support this policy. I would also point out the obvious fact that many pedophiles will no doubt be taking advantage of this situation. An example of this was when a woman found a “creepy guy” just hanging in a Target store bathroom and reports it to the management and they do nothing about it.

I also believe because this is America and all of its citizens do not have to follow any religious or moral beliefs at all. I acknowledge your right to be homosexual or even transgendered but I will not allow you to force me to support that lifestyle.

We now have the government
dictating public morality
and ordinary citizens who object are
told there is nothing they can do about it,
I must have missed that part when I read the constitution

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  1. June 2, 2016 6:18 am

    Sadly, the break down of the traditional family unit is at the heart of so many of today’s issues yet very few of the ‘experts’ seem willing to acknowledge this fact. An awful lot of that ‘denial’ is based upon having to identify certain groups are more likely to experience the familial break down and, hence, be labeled as racist. Yet another reason why political correctness has to go!!!


  2. Jon permalink
    June 4, 2016 5:00 am

    There are lots of people who say pedophiles & their ilk possibly have been “infiltrating” restrooms of the “opposite” sex for years without detection. While I may concede that point, This law gives them license to do so without the possible fear of prosecution.
    I agree with Pete. If I had a daughter or granddaughters, I wouldn’t allow them to use a transgender bathroom.
    Since home-based Target has implemented this sick policy, Margie & I are boycotting Target & any other business who promotes this policy.


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