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The Alaskan PFD… A pot of gold legislatures can’t keep their hands off of.

April 7, 2016

Like pigs in a pen when their food supply is drying up and they spot another source of food they scramble over each other to get at it. Here in Alaska when oil was $100 a barrel our representatives in Juneau were as happy as pigs in that trough, but with oil now below $40 a barrel they have set their sights on the peoples savings account, the PFD!

Just a short posting addressed to my fellow Alaskan readers about something I heard on the radio. On Tuesday April 5th at 10:15 in the morning on NPR’s ‘Talk of Alaska’ Governor Bill Walker said “in under four years, if we do nothing the PFD will go away”. This echoes the radio commercials, (aka propaganda), blanketing the AM dial which are attempting to plant the seed of allowing our legislature in Juneau to draw money from the permanent fund to balance the state’s budget.

The talk of Alaska is a call in show but none of those calling in put the most important question of all to the governor. If I had the chance to call I would have asked that since our yearly PFD is based (only) on the (interest) that the fund earns and not on how much new oil revenue is put into the fund, other than mismanagement of the investments, why would the fund “go away”?

I might even ask him why if in 2004, when we had a balanced budget, and the price per barrel of oil was less than $40 like it is today can’t we go back and reinstate the budget levels for all departments to those 2004 levels?

We are living in an age where government and the law says you and I must pay our bills and live with what we make, but the government, both state and federal, can continue to spend money it does not have.

There are some days
at the end of the month
when I can not afford
to shop anymore.
Why is it our government
has no limits on what it spends?

This posting made possible through Winlink
the ham radio emergency email system

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