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Internet detox & the political scene

March 4, 2016

Detox, I have found, is indeed a two edged sword. True it is ‘uncomfortable’ to give up access to the internet. For some a painful experience and for others it initiates an increase in the intake of junk food and many more cigarettes. But I have found that after almost two weeks of no internet the discomfort has lessened and I am finding different substitutes besides food to replace my craving for Facebook and the net. We will see how I fair over the next couple of months of internet free living.


Sometimes I just want to scream enough! Even though I can receive 6 radio stations, three of them faith based stations, two of them conservative and one liberal even when you switch between all of them they are regurgitating the same drivel about the candidates for President. All of you have busy lives so these broadcasts may suit your lifestyle, but for someone that has the radio on from the time I wake till I lay my head on my pillow, it is an overdose of political clap-trap.

These seemingly one topic news casts makes me wonder: if the mass migration from Syria to the EU has somehow ended, have the Russians made peace with Turkey after their fighter jet was shot down or has the flood of illegal’s across the American border magically stoped? Yes yesterday a non-political story did make the news, it was about a white police officer that shot a black criminal. But it like the similar ones before it seemed to be nothing more than an obvious attempt to fan the flames of racism, (we do not hear about the black policemen that shoot white criminals).

Do you really want to know every time one candidate speaks out against another? Is that knowledge the basis of how you will vote for a candidate? If so I can see why our country is in the shape it is in. As for myself I just want to know the ‘true’ facts about the candidates. Their accomplishments, their experience and what they ‘promise’ to try and accomplish if they get into office. Yes I think their personal lives and actions should be weighed with their accomplishments, but I will take a mean, politically incorrect candidate any day over one that openly says they will drag my country deeper into debt.

….and I will without a doubt
take someone who says
he is proud to be American
over someone
who wants to apologize
for America’s actions to the world.

This posting made possible through Winlink
the ham radio emergency email system.

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