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An Alaskan blogger’s rut… or merely planting seeds?

February 24, 2016

Lately it has been said that I am too repetitious in my postings because it appears I write too many articles about politics. At first I ignored the comment but this afternoon as I was reviewing a posting I am working on about children and respect I realized I do repeat the same ‘topics’, but this repetition is not exclusive to politics. I have in the past year written about everything from: God, mothers day, riots in MD, sex, the police, anchor babies, angles and daemons and yes of course politics.

In the past few months I have interspersed my postings with videos from the off-beat driving to Alaska from Philadelphia to an old fishing video I used when I worked as a fishing guide. I have always tried when I have had access to the internet to keep my blog fresh with new and yes sometimes not so new photographs. So I would not say I am in a rut so much as attempting to reinforce my feelings about previous topics.

Obviously I can not control what ideas pass through my old brain. It is true when listening to talk radio while they are pounding on an obscure point about a candidate my mind will focus on that topic, but when I listen to say…’Science Friday’ on NPR a completely innocuous remark on the show may spark thoughts in a new direction, (ie..if they are talking about ionospheric research I may end up writing a posting about HAARP). Even a news cast talking about a new law in Washington state forcing schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice will definitely get blood streaming from my eyes and my fingers hitting the keyboard.

So you may think of it as a rut, but I see it as the planting of a seed. You who have followed me over the years know how I think and feel but my repetition I believe is more for those new to these pages. I believe that even though, through some act of fate, someone new is reading my words and they may feel totally the opposite of the way I do, my words will plant a seed and hopefully that idea will remain with them…. and just maybe flourish and change their mind.

To paraphrase the words of Matthew 13-3
‘Still other seeds fell on good soil
and produced fruit’.

This posting made possible through Winlink
the ham radio emergency email system.

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  1. February 24, 2016 11:36 pm

    Sometimes a topic needs revisiting as it is seen through a foggier and older lens. There are so many churches out there, that if you have attended most of your life, you can just about quote the sermon being preached and/or know all the scriptures referenced by heart. Even Christ through HIS Parables would have the same topic, yet said in a different way, so that the “current” crowd might understand what was being said. There is nothing wrong with revisiting a topic more than once over the course of time, it is bound to happen. As you stated, someone new might need to hear the subject so that they may glean that pearl of wisdom they missed before. To rehash a topic, is to show an authority on the matter.

    73 and God Bless,
    de KD7LTN


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