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CQ CQ CQ the sounds of silence… de KL1HB

February 18, 2016
old shack

My ‘shack’ back in 2002

For two days now as I slowly turned the dial the 20 meter band was an iron curtain of silence. Suffice it to say that the UTC beacon at 10.000 was also silent as was any signals on both 15 and 10 meters. This after a number of weeks of solid and not so solid contacts on 20 meters that had me once again smiling over how well my gear was working.

I have received emails from a number of hams telling me that though not optimum conditions they could still copy a good number of stations on the air…. so what was my problem? I have always attributed my black outs to my location so close to the North Pole. Because of earths magnetic field radiating the strongest at the poles whenever the sun even hiccups the largest percentage of the energy expelled tracks to the poles and is radiated down from there.

Thus the sun’s event this past week no doubt is causing the blanket of dead air over my cabin. It does not make me feel any better when I schedule on air contacts and am blocked it is because of the sun’s whims. So I am for now going to cancel any regular schedule of when I will be reaching out to my fellow ham’s. I will continue to each day check the bands and if they are open will make as many contacts as my ‘new/used’ battery will allow, but will not again be shot down by the sun when I am anticipating a great rag-chew with a friend.



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  1. john permalink
    February 19, 2016 4:00 am

    Pete, the bands are indeed way down…You might want to get every thing and make sure it is up to snuff…gud luck 73 john w8wej


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