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The new God…. smart phones

February 16, 2016

I was taught and still believe that we bow our heads when we pray or say the lords name. Today almost everywhere the worlds population can be found with their einstineheads bowed…… not to any God but their smart phone.

In looking back when I first arrived in Texas I was thinking this is a very religious state for no matter where I went from the airport or  mall to food shopping the people around me no matter what they were doing had their heads bent over in prayer. Of course I realized they were not praying but either reading a text or sending one, but the results were the same they portrayed the look of someone praying. 

Could it be technology has finally become the new god? Have you given over your life to that piece of silicone, metal and plastic in your hand? Do you find yourself checking your phone when having dinner with your family? Have you ignored the law and checked your phone while driving? Have you told your child to wait a minute while you finished a text? If so then this new god is more powerful than any other that civilization has ever encountered.

Is it any wonder that relationships are not as strong as they were in the past when the primary link to our family or close friends is a text screen. The world today is addicted to their phones and detox will no doubt be torture. Like most addicts you are no doubt saying I am not addicted, I ‘need’ my phone to keep in touch… yeah but not four times every hour. How did we ever survive before the cellphone let alone the smart phone?

Just maybe it is time

to put the phone away

and spend some personal time

with our family and friends.



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  1. February 17, 2016 5:17 am

    i don’t own a cell phone anymore. it had become a leash around my neck as well as an idol. like you, i noticed that we have collectively lost the art of communication because of smart phones. i can’t even watch a movie with my adult children without them dividing their attention between the movie and their phone. i can’t enjoy dinner without my husband checking his text messages or facebook. it’s ridiculous. at the bank one time, i wanted to pay off my credit card, and they couldn’t give me the pay-off amount. not wanting to go home and make the call, i said i’d wait for one of the bank reps who could call for me. the teller said with an incredulous tone “just use your cell phone and call!” i looked at her and said “i don’t have a cell phone.” her jaw dropped, her eyes widened, and then she said “what do you mean you don’t have a cell phone???” i gave her an annoyed look and said “i don’t need a leash.” i had a seat and waited for a bank rep. it took less time than it would have to drive home and back.


  2. February 17, 2016 8:33 am

    Excellent post and SO true!


  3. Jon permalink
    February 17, 2016 2:05 pm

    Some of know I drive a transit bus here in the Twin Cities. About 2 months ago a pedestrian in downtown Mpls. walked right into one of our buses while it was moving because she was texting or wrapped up in her phone. She tried to blame our driver but another one of our buses right behind this one had it all on video. (Our buses have 4 cameras in them.)

    Another time I watched someone trip on a curb & fall down while staring at her phone. First thing she did was check her phone!

    And I think some of you have seen the you-tube of the person walking through the mall, tripping on the retaining wall of the water fountain & falling in! LOL!!

    I still have the basic flip phone & plan on keeping it. The only reason I would “move up” or is it “move down” is for picture taking. I just make/take calls. I’m not that desperate to find out something I can’t hear on the radio or TV or on-line when I get home.

    One nice thing. My bus is certainly quiet since everyone is busy on their phone or laptop.

    Came up with a saying: “Why don’t you pull your head out the ass of your smartphone, you idiot?”



  1. The new God…. smart phones

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