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The curmudgeon is once again awakened by news media censorship

January 22, 2016

It may be in the 40’s and 50’s here in Texas but in just 5 days I will be once again be home enjoying the ‘cooler’ weather of Alaska. I know my son and his wife would disagree after being witness to me early in the morning but of late I have been a bit lax in displaying my ‘curmudgeon-nes’ especially with respect to my writing. I may hear a news story or read an article of import and it would trigger a running dialogue in my head that normally would result in a scathing posting but alas the environment here in Texas quells that curmudgeon.  

These past weeks we have been inundated with media hype about the state of the union speech, the republican debate, the democratic debate but what kernels of news does the media focus on… the President reiterating that the economy is doing OK, and the republican candidates battling over weather Ted Cruz is American enough to run for President and Sarah Palin backing Trump..

Forgetting the fact that 10 American sailors were captured by Iran or that in the current economy finding a job that will allow you to afford a decent apartment is almost impossible. Or that our nations business are going under as witnessed by Walmart’s closing of 154 of stores and the crashing stock market, these stories just isn’t what the news media wants you to read or think about.

Am I the only one who sees that we are being manipulated by the news media? Is everyone too busy with their lives to understand if you read, see and hear about something enough times, weather it is completely true or not, you will begin to accept it as fact? So when you are not inundated every hour by news that the master terrorist bomb builder, Ibrahim al Asiri was released by obama or that the $1.5 billion in assets being released to Iran were part of the deal to free imprisoned Americans and no doubt some of it will be used to fund terror campaigns around the world, you would have no reason to be angry at the administration.

So how indeed do ‘we the people’ get the real news? I have found that even the mainstream media will print or broadcast the truth (briefly). When an incident occurs and comes across the wire service it is news and as such is reported, however given a little time the powers to be at the various networks will decide it is not ‘worthy’ of any air time and bury it. One glaring instance is the firebombing of a mosque in Coachella, California on December 11, 2015. The first headlines, in @USUuncut, read “A terrorist just firebombed a California Mosque while people were inside”. However when the man was captured and found to be a member of the Mosque and a Muslim the story quickly faded from the news. I can assure you if he was a white Christian conservative the story would lead the news for days.

The only solution is 

to take all the news we read and see

with a grain of salt

and never accept it as truth

until we dig a little deeper.


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  1. January 22, 2016 11:55 am

    “Don’t feed the Curmudgeons”(Don’t feed the Bears)…. a topic for later?lol… Nice to hear that Texas is “soothing” and I agree there is a lot of force fed junk food from the media these days where we don’t get enough of the proper nutrition and keeping it balanced…While at the same time people get “offended” by the actual truth.. Enjoy your time with the family…
    73, KD7LTN


  2. Jon permalink
    January 23, 2016 5:03 am

    The other day our illustrious Secretary of State John Kerry admitted as much that “some of the (Iranian) money would end up spent on terrorism” words to that effect. As I said on a previous post, part of the transformation of America.
    It’s almost completed.


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