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Climate change is nothing new, a quick look.

December 26, 2015

roseOur world has been around about 4.5 billon years and has gone through 4 ice ages where the global temperature has been about 4c colder than its norm at that time. What I am saying is that four times in the history of this planet we have gone through a total change in temperature and weather. It is fact not hype because evidence of glaciers has been found as far South as New York. 

I am sure you are saying hey thats global cooling when you have solid ice hundreds of feet deep covering enormous areas on the East coast. I agree but do you know how hot it has to get to melt all those East coast glaciers? Today millions of people are running around saying the sky is falling because it is warming up and I don’t dispute this. As evidenced by the photograph of the Rose bush blooming in front of my sons home on December 26th. What I am saying is simply the sky is indeed not falling but basically the earth is doing what it has done for billions of years cycling between cold and hot.


So yes as I look at my son’s weather monitor and see on the bottom right it is 77 degrees I know even for Texas in December it should be a bit cooler. However I am not ready to say it is my fault because you and I were not around to cause those other world encompising temprature increases that where hot enough to melt the glaciers. I am also sure that if every one of us stopped using any electricity for our homes and petrolium for our vehicles we would not influence the comming change in global weather!

People say it is our fault and we should alter

our consumption of fossil fuels.

For those burning fossil fuels back near my home 

it doesn’t seem to have made it any warmer. 


…and yes that is a 101 degree difference between Texas and my home!



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  1. December 27, 2015 5:44 am

    So very true, Pete…!


  2. Jon permalink
    December 31, 2015 7:16 am

    Happy New Year to you Pete & all the regulars on here. As a weather hobbyist myself, every day we all see record highs & lows on pages of our local papers or websites. Several record highs were set here in the Twin Cities in the 1800, & 1900s that have yet to be broken. I don’t think people were talking about climate change in those days when all homes and factories were heated by coal & or wood certainly smoking up the atmosphere more than now.



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