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A Christmas wish….

December 24, 2015

psI have no memory of the photo on the left but I wonder if that young boy could ever imagine he would in reality one day visit Santa in his workshop at the North Pole. I am sure by the look on his face it was a time of innocence and wonder at coming face to face with Santa… the man that stoped by his house ate the cookies he left out and delivered presents that only that little boy knew he wanted.  At that time in life Santa was magical and the world and its problems passed by with scarcely any notice but as we all know innocence is short lived.

I think today many adults, at least in part, live in the world of there younger selves. Looking for at times the magical to lighten their everyday lives, and turning a blind eye to the harsh reality of a world rapidly turning upsidedown. Where once everyone said Merry Christmas it is now banned at some retail stores, and the religuious aspect of Christmas has been replaced by that of who receives the best gift or spends the most on presents for their friends.

Wether Christian, Jewish or Muslim all religions at there essence preach peace and good will toward others so why is it that over the millennia and even today each of these religions have at one time or another fought and killed each other.  From the Christian cursades to the muslium conquest of the holy land, to present day murders of Palestinians and jews or isis indiscriminately murdering Christians, Jews and their fellow brother Muslims it appears religion is not in any way deterring hatred. 

No matter where you look around the globe you will see people who are angry at others or people who want to take advantage of others. In America we have people from coast to coast fighting each other because of skin color, gender, religion or political ideology, and I must ask why? Forget the world for a moment why do you get angry at a neighbor, friend or acquaintance when he supports one political belief over another or goes to a different church than you do? Why can you not live buy the very foundations of this nation and allow them the freedom to do or say whatever they want as long as they do not impose it on you?

If ‘we the people’ could harness a fraction of the animosity that exists in this nation today and focus it entirely on those in Washington who ignore us we could have a nation that does indeed serve the will of the people. And by focusing this animosity away from those around us we may even become friends with those we once thought were our enemies.

My  Christmas  wish  to  you  my  readers

is that when you look into your soul

and find the peace and love that exists there

you will have the courage to share it with others.


A Christmas view out my cabin window

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  1. Del permalink
    December 24, 2015 8:18 am

    MERRY CHRISTMAS PETE! And if we don’t talk before. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  2. December 24, 2015 8:19 am

    “In a perfect world…”, eh, Pete? Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years with your family!


  3. December 24, 2015 12:02 pm

    I think the issues revolve more around cultural norms that they do about religions or politics. I spend 4 years getting my undergraduate in World Religions. One thing I learnd during those years and years after while working for and international relief agency, is many cultures only know war. Take the middle east. Since written history most countries/ people groups have not gone one generation without going to war with someone else, be it under the guise of war, religion, money. They just know was and continue to live by war. We hear the stories of abused woman always going back to abusive relationships and scratch out heads and wonder why? It is cause what they know. Same holds true for war.
    That said Pete. The world we live in is a wonderful place. Check out my last post We see a lot of bad, cause that is what sells. But for every horrible act of horror in this world there is a thousand of generosity and good will towards or fellow humans.
    Wishing you and your’s a very Blessed Merry Christmas Pete, and all the best in the new year. Perhaps this coming year we might meet as my plans to head up to Alaska are in the works again.


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