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Oil and ice… its all about the money

December 16, 2015

P.1Along time ago in another reality my mother once said to me, “quit spending your money like a drunken sailor”. Now having spent three years in the Army I can attest to the fact that the Navy men did not have a lock on throwing their money away when drunk on payday. It also appears that every government whether federal, state or city has this same problem when it comes to having an excess of income and eventually it turns around and bites them on the ass.

However before I venture into the problems of the world around us let me vent a bit on matters closer to home, and by home I mean Alaska and by closer I mean my wallet.  For years Alaskans looked down over the lower fortyeight states and sat comfortably as many of our nations citys and states were going broke or into bankruptucy. During that time the price of a barrel of oil was over $100 and our states legislators were indeed those drunken salors, never saving only spending the moeny as fast as it came in. For months now the price of oil has been dropping to now below $40 a barrel which of course means we are screwed. Our legeslature having saved not one dollar of the billions handed to them by the oil companies will now force all Alaskans to fund their overspending by imposing new taxes on us and by raiding the earnings of the perment fund.

Oil and ice…. The oil in my title refers to the current price for a barrel we are receiving and ice, well here the plot thickens and if you believe in consperciries you’ll love this. Governor Walker announced a couple months ago a cutback for the Alaska department of transportation. Then in late November and early December most Alaskans were effected by this cutback when we had the first of many snow and ice storms. The driving was terrable, the roads were terrable and Walker comes on television and says this is just the tip of the iceberg if we do not find a way to balance the budget, (ie taxes and a raid on the permeant fund).

So after many trial balloons on what he had in mind to soften the publics anger he releases his 2016 budget proposal which is still 3.5 billion dollars short of carrying all that excess spending incurred when we were taking in more money than was needed to cover those older budgets. Maybe if they had held every departments spending to their old budget and squirreled away the extra money today we would not be looking at the draconian measures he is now proposing.

The actions he has proposed that will effect individual Alaskans include…

A 1.5% tax on all Alaskans income

Next years PFD check locked at $1,000

An additional fee on alcohol purchases 

An $1.00 increase for tax on a pack of cigarettes

Included are also increases in taxes on mining and fishing, elimination of the tourism tax exemption and elimination of oil and gas tax credits that would effect business throughout Alaska.

But to me the most important part of Walkers budget proposal is how he wants to fund the state in the future. Under the current system, revenue from oil and gas taxes goes directly into the general fund. Whereas the core of Walker’s fiscal plan is a proposal unveiled in October that would pay for most government operations with earnings of the state’s largest savings account – the Permanent Fund. 

Considering Governor Walker ignored my suggestion of an across the board 10% reduction in every departments budget back when he asked the people of Alaska to submit proposals for reducing the states budget. I am sure he and those in Juneau who supposedly represent us will not head our call to stop all additional future spending, reduce the size of government and cut current spending by that 10%.

Weather federal, state or local

politicians are all alike

they have never learned to

quit spending like a drunken sailor on payday. 


*I may be in Texas with a newer computer but good old wordpress still will not allow me to link my sources with the posting so all material posted about the proposed Alaskan 2016 budget was taken from…

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  1. Dwight permalink
    December 17, 2015 3:04 am

    Saudi Arabia could learn something from this insightful blog. I think they may have a similar problem on a larger scale!


  2. Del permalink
    December 18, 2015 6:22 am

    Yep Pete sounds like AK likes to keep BIG GOV. as much as DC…. Its a crime on children not even born yet!


  3. December 19, 2015 12:22 am

    I like the drunken sailor comparison. Will you return to Alaska for Christmas?


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