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We have cowards running this nation

September 30, 2015

When you consider that the founding fathers of this country ‘literally’ put their lives on the line to establish this nation, then I am sure they are screaming from their graves at those we elected to represent us are doing to that same nation today.

From the newest congressman and senator to the President every one of them are cowards! For years now they have ignored the fact that the United States takes in less money than it pays out. They have indisputably ignored their job to maintain a balanced budget because of fear of loosing their elected status. They understand that when they do have to face balancing the budget it will hurt every one of us and they will never be re-elected again. They also understand every time they put off balancing the budget they increase the pain every American will have to endure when they can no longer print enough money to pay our bills.

These men and woman in Washington are powerful and rich not stupid that is why they continue to adopt extensions for our budget. I must point out that I am not just talking about normal budget items like the budgets for the military, Social Security and other departments of the government. But even though they understand what they are doing to our nation they continue to lay on the ‘pork’, in these budget extensions, ignoring the consequences.

Yes I truly believe if those founding fathers were alive today they would once again rise up as one and declare independence from those running our country and if need be like they did to the British they would run them out of office at the point of a….
The media blasts away with news of the Pope’s visit, the Presidential race, the Treaty with Iran, more school shootings and anything but what will without a doubt destroy the United States.

Have all of you forgotten that America is broke?

Have you forgotten that when the US
spends any money it must print worthless dollars
to cover that debt?

Right now your representatives are voting
to kick the can of American collapse
with another budget extension.

I know you smile when anyone talks about preparing
for economic collapse…..

…but remember what would happen sooner or later
if you did not pay your bills on time!

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  1. September 30, 2015 2:28 pm

    The time will come when we will have to pay the piper; it’s just a matter of when…


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