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It was 27 overnight……

September 22, 2015

ice3No matter whether it is summer or winter, millions of people visit and enjoy Alaska and all that it has to offer. From summer river rafting trips, back country hiking and fishing for Salmon to winter when they ride dog sleds, cross country ski or watch the nightly light show of Northern Lights all is experienced within the backdrop of wonders literally created by the hand of God. Those fortunate few hundred thousand who have chosen to make this wondrous place their home have at our fingertips the chance to do these activities year after year and have one additional Alaskan adventure few visitors encounter…..

The distressing fall and spring changeover. With the temperature last night dipping into the 20’s and rain and sleet occurring off and on each day we no doubt will soon experience once again the unnerving feeling of suddenly loosing any control of the vehicle we are driving. Weather it is because over the months we have forgotten how to drive on roads of ice or we had become so used to being able to make a turn or stop without thinking, that first ‘real’ taste of fall takes it’s toll.

Of all the seasons this time of change, to me, is the worst part of living here in Alaska. I remember one year when every store in Fairbanks was out of stock on crampons, tiny spikes that strapped to your shoes, because the ice was so bad one could barely make it out of the house without falling. One would think that because our roads are ice and snow covered for about 5 months driving would be terrible the entire time, but not so. It seems that when winter finally sets in and the temperature is between minus 10 to minus 50 it actually becomes better to drive the colder it is. This happens because of the extreme cold your tires do not generate as much heat and so do not create that thin film of water between the tire and the icy road.

So as the ice starts to cover the streams
throw another log on the fire
winter will soon be here..
…and our slippery transition
will be only a memory soon forgotten
as we sit back and relish our lives
in the wilderness of Alaska.

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  1. September 23, 2015 6:40 am

    I saw the ADOT postings for the Parks north of Denali yesterday; lots of black ice. That’s really nasty stuff and I don’t care who you are or how many years of experience behind the wheel, driving on black ice is virtually impossible! On the other hand the ‘Banana Belt’ has seen three consecutive clear, sunny days with highs in the upper 40’s to low 50’s and morning lows in the 20’s…


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