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The changing face of America and the world

September 19, 2015

P.1There is no stopping drastic changes to the very structure of America or the countries in the EU. From the racial makeup and political ideology to religion and ethnic customs our world is now heading for a complete change. Here in the United States we are seeing the gradual erosion of patriotism for the America our founding fathers established being replaced by a more self centered, we are no better than any other country, society.

The days of pride in the American way of life is being replaced with a remorse for all that the United States has done for generations for nations around the world. Though the United States has almost always lead the world whenever any nation was in distress, we are told to face the shame that is routed in how we accomplished that good for other nations. At times the United States has gone to war because some nations or rebel groups were killing their own people or invading neighboring countries, only to turn around and shoulder the responsibility of rebuilding them.

For decades not only was it a goal for all of our citizens but brought pride that our way of life entitled anyone of our nations people to “work” their way up the economic and social ladder to attain a comfortable way of life. Because in our nation hard work is rewarded and unlike in some other nations not working led to starvation and death here it is tolerated. We are also proud that our country allowed any religion to flourish without recrimination and that unlike many nations our citizens had the freedom to say what they thought about this government or anything else without fear of jail or death.

So today when I see hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their home nation I know they are scared and lazy! They are fleeing their home country because of the civil war raging within its borders making any normal life almost impossible. They see that shortly their freedom of religion may soon be extinguished and there very way of life will be gone forever. Now being scared of a rebel force with guns is a normal reaction, but I have to ask why they do not stand and fight for the nation they were borne in?

The answer to me is once again like those who flooded our Southern border they believe the ‘grass is greener’ in the EU. Why stay and fight and possibly be wounded or killed when you can flee to some nation that will ‘support’ you until you can find a job. A nation that you never have to worry about what religion you practice or that you may be arrested for speaking out against the government. These illegal immigrants have chosen to flee to the EU rather than other nations in the middle east not only because countries like Saudi Arabia, Cutter and others will not let them enter but because life in these middle eastern countries would be no different than where they were born.

Our government is trillions of dollars in debt
and has problems supporting its old and poor,
but the President is now flying in more illegals from Syria
and telling congress
to spend more money it doesn’t have.
It is a good thing the US isn’t close to Syria
or we would have a second wave of illegals
flooding crossing our border.

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  1. September 20, 2015 5:38 am

    Sadly many of the changes that are now sweeping the globe will probably become entrenched and soon be thought of as ‘normal’ I’ve been watching a series on the ‘All Heroes Channel’ entitled “What History Forgot”; it’s a fascinating glimpse into the ‘reality’ of history versus what we’ve been taught. It really is surprising to hear the unvarnished truth as compared to what the schools have taught; without question history is regularly rewritten apparently to make a point or push an agenda. Just watched an episode of Franklin Roosevelt and I was shocked to see how little I actually knew about the reality of FDR and his life!


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