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Shoot ‘Immigrants’ As They Cross The Border, Mr. Trump?

September 8, 2015

I know I wrote about this very same situation a while back but in reading this posting by Mr Jack Curtis ( he has written a much more thoughtful posting than I ever could.


Refugees or Invaders? Refugees or Invaders?

Political leaders in Europe and the U.S. are inviting multitudes of poor and variously desperate folk who cling to foreign languages and very alien cultures into those post-Christian political homelands over the concerns of struggling residents. Another term for this is: “throwing gasoline onto a fire.”

No doubt the ‘refugees’ and economic migrants are worse off than the locals. No doubt either that dumping too many needy upon folk who are themselves not rich, diminishes all. Resistance at some point, sets in.

Add uncompromising Islam into the mix makes it combustible in the light of much history. In short, when enough folk are lined up to take what is yours, you resist at some point. The hordes pouring into Europe and the U.S.l are arriving as local wealth is already dissolving and as that perception sinks in, are likely to be increasingly seen as a threat.


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