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SSDD… or just another day in the Alaskan wilderness

September 6, 2015

P.1It was just another day…..

My day started without the clocks tumultuous clamor, for at my age there was no rush to great the sun. And yes though it is September we still have morning sunlight, but alas too soon it will be nothing more than a glimmer as this old earth turns on its axis. The calm coolness of the cabin invited me to pull the covers higher and linger a while, but the call of age and nature ruled and I arose, grumbled and prepared to face another day.

Structure is a good thing as one gets older it helps us remember, by routine, what we would normally forget. To vanquish the cool of this September morning I lit a fire in the stove and shuffled over to brew my morning tea. Structure and routine, routine and structure the rhythm of the words harkening back to when I was in the Army and like all good soldiers became intimate with the phrase ‘same shit different day’ or SSDD. The military once they broke you down and you had no semblance to the civilian you once were moved you to a job where the letters SSDD were the rule of the day.

Now 55 years after that experience, weather for good or bad, I am a devotee of SSDD because it just makes life unpretentiously simpler. Yes though I do live in some of the most inspiring surroundings in the world I am no longer able to ‘get out’ and enjoy them and have fallen into that rut of a daily sameness. There are indeed times when I happen to cross paths with an old photograph or video of a fishing trip or when I ran a river boat guiding bear hunters that I feel in my heart a sadness, a longing for times once lived, but life is a harsh mistress and we can never go back.

Day after day we travel down life’s road
heading to its knowable end.
One should not treat each day as more of the same
but we should cherish each day
as an adventure
that we will never experience again.

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  1. Terry permalink
    September 7, 2015 12:32 am

    I agree with you here on many points … the “comfort” of SSDD, this is it, live it. Good comment on life, Pete.


  2. September 7, 2015 3:35 pm

    I hear ya, Pete! Having Sal and Gene visit for 18 days forced me to visit many places up here I haven’t seen since my ‘vacation daze’ from ’96 through ’05. I was impressed all over again by the Denali Highway, Denali NP&P, the western Kenai and Homer. I’m starting a routine whereby I’ll visit someplace in Alaska I haven’t seen for years each upcoming spring or fall; there’s just too much beauty and wonder up here to ignore it!


  3. Jim Groover permalink
    September 25, 2015 4:33 am

    Well put Pete. My trip to Alaska made an impression on me that will last a life time. I doubt if there is any other place on earth with as much natural beauty as Alaska.


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