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Social media, reporters, news anchors and the good old days

September 2, 2015

p3Every age has those that long for ‘the good old days’. Be it a longing for old time music, cars, clothing or a way of life, some of us look back fondly and wonder what has gone wrong with the world today. I have lamented numerous times on this blog about a longing for the respect most people had for our parents, teachers and police officers. However this posting will be in a different direction focusing on how news is reported in todays media.

The old 1960’s Websters dictionary I have here in the cabin defines the word media as, “all means of communication including newspapers, radio, etc”. Today I am sure a newer Websters would also include the internet or social media. I heard a report that found todays 20 to 40 year olds acquire 90% of there news exclusively from the internet, weather it be social media, blogs or news web sites so we can definitely see a dire future for newspapers and televised news broadcasts.

Based on my observation of what is taught in our schools today I can understand why those that are focusing on a journalism degree graduate with a totally different concept of what a journalists responsibilities are with regard to reporting the news. While I was growing up in the 50’s the nightly news was a way of life for our family because we would sit after dinner in front of that circular black and white screen and watch as the newscaster reported on what was happening in our country and the world.

Back then it was the four W’s….who, what when and where. There was no opinion put forth by the news anchor just facts for us to digest and formulate our own opinion as to the why. Today on television every news anchor has an opinion which they tag in as part of their report. When did this change in how news reporting take place and more to the point why. Are journalism students now being told that their opinion is important and should now be included with each story? Or do they feel because they sit there each night and ‘read’ the news to us they are entitled to slant the news whatever way they feel?

Even worse now that so many use the internet as their only source of news it is even more biased. If an internet corporation donates millions to a particular candidate or political cause does that entitle them to censor any news that goes against that corporations belief? Or more to the point do those tens of millions who use that as their only source of news understand it is censored or slanted in favor of that corporations beliefs?

I may be an old curmudgeon living in the woods
who longs for the past
but when that longing is for the truth
not opinion or censorship
am I wrong?

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  1. September 3, 2015 8:48 am

    There are few true journalists remaining, Pete. All the lame-stream media outlets have their own agenda – almost exclusively liberal – and they are unabashed about pushing it. Sadly, the American people long just ate up what they were spoon fed by these bozos although I think I’m beginning to see a few folks waking up to the biased drivel these sources ladle out…


  2. john permalink
    September 3, 2015 1:15 pm

    no you are not wrong–“news”: today by and large is not new but propaganda john w8wej


  3. September 4, 2015 4:41 am

    the nightly news seems to have become more like ‘entertainment’ programming. i sometimes don’t see much difference between the 6 o’clock news and TMZ or ET. it is absolutely becoming more propaganda driven than anything else, and i hold the news media largely responsible for the racial tension in our country, and for the war on cops. they aren’t entirely to blame (i also hold obama responsible), but they have the most influence and the largest share.


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