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Global warming in Alaska, or is it just hot air from the Presidential visit?

August 30, 2015

HomerThe President had just completed his speech on climate change and global warming here in the Alaskan village of Kotzebue with a pointed reference to the erosion of the shoreline when as if to punctuate his words a tumultuous roar echoed from a calving glacier across the bay and in that instant the crowd was fleeing to higher ground…..

This reporter found it was almost impossible to run because the soil on the beach acted like a sticky mud that sucked at your every footstep. But run we did because there was a massive wave rushing toward the shoreline from that calving glacier across the bay. There were hundreds of us pushing and shoving and for a brief instant I thought I reached the harder soil of the land above the beach but when I glanced down I saw I was stepping not on solid ground but someone that had fallen in the rush to escape the oncoming wave……..

Fiction….of course but no more than the results from the policies the President is speaking about here in Kotzebue. One must wonder why of all the communities in Alaska, along the longest shoreline in America, the President chose this one. Could it be because this one Alaskan village from all the others is faced with major natural coastal erosion problems and thus was nothing more than a good ‘photo-op’ from which to announce his plans?

Those who have lived along the Alaskan or Eastern seaboard for any number of years know beach erosion is just a normal part of living along that coastline. People from Florida to Maine have had to either reinforce there beachfront properties with additional sand or rocks and even place their homes on stilts or move to ensure their safety, and not one of these things were done because of climate change or global warming but historically natural coastal erosion.

The President also eluded to the glaciers melting but one wonders why he failed to mention that some are also increasing in size. It was reported in a 2002 article in Science 295: 476-80 that “…Side-looking radar measurements show West Antarctic ice is increasing at 26.8 gigatons/yr.

It is also good to remember when the President wants to cut carbon emissions that he believes are causing global warming that a cut in carbon emissions from all the electric power plants in the United States would not equal the carbon emissions from just one major forest fire. In an article entitled ‘Climate and atmospheric history…..from the Vostok ice core’ in the 1999 issue of Nature 399: 429-36 it stated “…During the last four interglacial’s, going back 420,000 years, the earth was warmer than it is today”

However if one steps back and thinks logically they would also have to say humans due cause a rise in the global temperature. It is just common sense that if you put 100 people in a room the temperature of that room will rise, so if you put four billion people on the planet the temperature of the planet will definitely rise but does this mean that government should step in? Again common sense should rule when others try and incite fear over facts and historical occurrences.

So when we see an increase in temperature
or glaciers melting
think horses not Zebras.
Yes man does play a part in climate change
but this earth
has been cycling through climate change
long before man walk this earth.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Del permalink
    August 31, 2015 4:49 am

    Yep pete i am looking forward to having beach front property someday. Lol


  2. August 31, 2015 8:54 am

    California is falling into the ocean and the San Joaquin Valley is sinking 1″ per month…or is it per day….So far the horizon looks the same to me.


  3. Jon permalink
    September 2, 2015 4:37 pm

    Common sense & government do NOT run hand in hand. Never did, never will. Saw a pic of the dictator staring at Exit Glacier like it was his own child. My ass he cares about the environment.
    See you soon, Pete.


  4. September 3, 2015 8:44 am

    Hey Buddy – the Liar In Chief and his administration have always cherry picked environmental data to make their case. What else should we expect from a scum-bag, narcissistic Chicago lawyer..??


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