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America land of freedom?

August 27, 2015

E1I believe our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves watching how the government they established to protect its citizens, is finding ever more ways to restrict their freedoms. Anyone who has read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence knows that the government was created for the expressed purpose of protecting its citizens freedoms from oppressive governments both foreign and domestic. In the 1700’s our government was created to free its people from the yoke of oppression from England, but the founding fathers also wanted to insure that future generations would never end up in that position again.

Today the weight of English rule would look light compared to the continuing constraints our government is placing on our shoulders. We now live in a nation where every activity we do is in some way regulated. Weather it be by the federal or state government or one of its agencies we can now literally do nothing that is not regulated by a government that was supposed to ensure our freedom. From the length of dog leashes in Arizona to the size of soft drinks in New York or for that matter even what type of wood one can burn for heat in Alaska our freedoms are daily being eroded. Also the once highly held freedom of religion is also being slowly chipped away at when we see ordinary people being put out of business for standing behind their religious principles.

However Americas beacon of freedom must still be shinning
because millions of people still flood across our border
seeking a better way of life
embraced by the warmth of that freedom.

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  1. Jon permalink
    August 30, 2015 1:46 pm

    Once again Pete, your posting is complete in its own right. No further comment is necessary at least from yours truly.


  2. September 3, 2015 8:41 am

    Any more the government thinks its job is to protect us from ourselves! In the end it just means more regulations and laws which ultimately benefit Washington!!


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