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Are there are two many black Americans in jail?

August 24, 2015

P.1The noise was deafening and as the smoke slowly drifted away I could see that the bullet went completely through the radio…… after a few minutes awareness… like the smoke came drifting back into my mind. I had been listening to NPR and they were talking about why so many black men were in prisons and how the laws in America were basically racist.

Having spent a brief period in jail I know why one goes to jail… commit a crime! However unless one was a total idiot you undoubtedly would not agree with those ‘news’ reports on NPR that the jails were full of black men because the laws that put them there were racist. The reports stated fact after fact that because the laws focused on certain types of criminal behavior it was targeting black men. They even went so far as to condemn the three strike sentencing applied in a number of states as another reason for why the prisons were full of minorities.

Maybe I am wrong, but I see the law itself as color blind. If I committed the same crime I would also be in prison so how can that law be racist? If I also continue to commit crimes after I get out of prison and do it three or more times then I am also bound by the three strike sentencing. Maybe it’s just me but if I do not want to go to jail I just do not commit any crimes.

Making some criminal behavior legal
does not lower the crime rate,
changing one’s respect for the law does.

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  1. Jon permalink
    August 30, 2015 1:43 pm

    The laws are color blind. It’s just that these so-called organizations like Black Lives Matter don’t think any law should apply to them and use the race card to push that point.
    To wit, there was a protest on a major thoroughfare the opening day of our Minn. State Fair last Thurs. They expected 1,000 people & got around 400. There claim this time was not enough black vendors were represented at the fair which is bull; there’s a waiting list of vendors to get in. It’s a coveted place to do business & may take years to get approval no matter race you are.
    With all the police presence, they tried to change direction of their route but the police stayed with them. This is a tactic of theirs to gain access to places they weren’t permitted to go.


  2. September 1, 2015 6:32 am

    i would so love to say something here… but i just have no words. i have never been racist in my life, but lately i’m starting to feel that way because i’m tired of the hatred emanating towards white people. it just angers me. fortunately, just when i get angry enough, God always puts a lovely black person in my path that reminds me that MOST of them are not like the ones who get the most attention.


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