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Police vs criminal funerals and memorials…why the difference?

August 14, 2015

My continuing thanks to Winlink
the emergency ham radio email system
for making this posting possible.
When communication and the internet fail
amateur radio is there to help

Though this incident happened to me a number of years ago I think it is relevant to societal actions we see today across our nation…..It was a crisp cold, intensely bright afternoon as I drove past Eielson Air Force Base East of Fairbanks. As I looked to my left I could not believe my luck because at the edge of the runway was a fighter jet preparing to take off. I immediately stooped the truck got my camera out and started to take pictures. As the earth shaking roar subsided I noticed a line of these fighters queuing up to take off. Being so close to the runway the sound was so deafening I did not hear it when two SUV’s rolled up, and only when an assault rifle was pointed at me did I realize something was up.

Right off the start lets define the word criminal used in this posting. My older edition of Webster’s dictionary defines criminal as “having the nature of crime”. I am applying the term to mean anyone who breaks the law or fails to follow directions from law enforcement officer. Well to these military police I was considered a criminal for just standing here taking pictures. My truck was searched and when they found a loaded handgun in the trucks armrest I too was searched. It should be noted that for years I have stopped in virtually the very same spot to watch and photograph jets at the airbase with no problem, but just this year they had new signs erected that said no stopping or photography. Even after I presented my veterans ID card it still took almost two hours before I was back on my way.

Why do I bring this up… for the simple reason I am still alive. I was taught from the day I was old enough to travel away from my parents home alone that if I am ever stopped by a policeman I must do what they say without question and to never argue with them. I personally feel that almost everyone of the shootings lately were if not caused by at the very least aggravated by the person being detained arguing or failing to comply with what the officers told them to do. I also believe that these same men and woman did not act the way they did because they woke up one day and decided to hate all law enforcement officers but because they were taught to act that way.

It may not have been the overt act of teaching hatred, but the more subtle way of listening to years and years of comments by their parents exhibiting a total lack of respect for the police. That coupled with their friends echoing the same feelings and you have a person who when stopped for something as innocent as walking down the street late at night and stopped for an ID check becomes instantly belligerent and refusing to comply with what is asked of them. This at times leading to the officer arresting them not breaking the law but for failure to comply, and then the situation escalates into a physical conflict that has at times lead to that person being shot.

If you think this old man is nuts because I think it was ingrained in them by their parents? Just look at how the adults acted at the recent anniversary demonstration in support of Michael Brown shot in Ferguson where once again people rioted and shots were first fired from the demonstrators. Compare that to the latest funeral for the police officer shot while doing a car stop where thousands of people marched in peace not violence.

I did what the police asked of me

they did what they had to do
I drove away two hours late
but alive.
Who’s parents do you think set the better example?

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  1. john permalink
    August 14, 2015 12:26 pm

    yesssss thanks–crude statement , but there are just very few out there left with values, and balls–flame away!! john w8wej


  2. Jon permalink
    August 15, 2015 3:58 am

    Hi Pete,
    I sent you an email a few days ago. Just wondering if you got it on account of your problems with your internet. Part of the content of my email was wondering when you’re going to Penn. We’ll be passing by your house on our trip somewhere around Sept. 20th. & going by again on or around the 23rd. If you can email me back how we can text to be in touch. Hope to stop by & meet you!!


  3. August 15, 2015 4:07 am



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