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To error is human

August 2, 2015

p3One of the reasons I write these postings is because the blog is not only me opening my mental window and shouting ‘I’m not going to take it anymore’, but because it connects me to and enables a dialog between you and I. Over the years I have rubbed some people the wrong way and they have responded with their opinion, and I have NEVER not approved a comment when someone disagreed with me.

The same is true if I write something that is inaccurate like I did in my posting, “Iran agrees recognize the state of Israel “. I was corrected because in that posting I said “Shouldn’t Iran demonstrate to the world first that they are serious about not wanting a nuclear weapon by allowing same day inspections for a year of their facilities before we release their financial assets and Iran gives it to Isis or other terrorist groups?”

I received this comment about that sentence….
“ISIS has nothing to do with Iran. They are Sunni and they hate Shia Iran more than they hate the US or Israel. To not mix up all these groups, here an overview:
ISIS, Al Qaida/Nusra, AQAP, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabab and Hamas are all Sunni groups. The biggest Sunni power is Saudi Arabia. Iran is Shia. Kurds and Shia were until now the only groups that have fought ISIS on the ground.
I also recommend you to take a look at these posts: (these are several short posts, scroll down, the last articles should be very interesting to you)
BTW a lot of countries allow inspections, but non of them allows same day inspections. The inspections specified in the deal are the heaviest any country had so far.”


*And once again a reminder that if I have not visited you blog lately it is because WordPress has once again “improved” their ‘blogs we follow’ site. I have lost all of the blogs I follow and when searching to find them again it literally takes a quarter to half an hour to open any new blog on my computer. Please understand it is the combination of my antiquated 10.5 Leopard OS and 12.0 Firefox system not communicating with WordPress, WordPress’s seemingly endless upgrades and an intermittent satellite connection.

 So please continue with you comments and postings
and understand I am still out here
in the wilderness
enjoying everything you write.

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