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To sleep…perchance to dream.

August 1, 2015

P.1Every one of us has some type of dream that we either openly or secretly hope will come true. For some it is the health and welfare of their family, others attaining that top rung of their chosen profession or the successful attainment of what can only be called more than enough financial success. But for most it is the simplest of things like the love of their family or having enough food to eat or fresh water to drink. Ultimately the vast majority of everyone on this planet shares that one thing….a dream of something better.

Many of us have become complacent in that we have been doing for so long that our dreams are just that a dream not a goal. We have become so set in a way of life that it would no longer be to our benefit to attain that dream, because it would require us to drastically change the very life that we have grown accustomed to and are comfortable with.

However for a fortunate few of an outside influence nudges open the lid of our personal ‘Pandora’s box’ of dreams and reminds us that there is more to life than what we currently enjoy. Thus begins the turmoil of shaking off the dust of complacency we are comfortable with and donning the mantel of attaining that dream.

So late in life when one encounters a fork in life’s road
that appears shrouded with complications
it may be Gods way of pointing us
in the direction of
a better way of life.

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  1. Tricia permalink
    August 2, 2015 12:49 am

    Well said


  2. August 2, 2015 5:26 am

    Perfectly put Pete. I really believe that when things are not going well, God is trying to get us to see what’s really important.


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