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Is the American worker just a cat chasing its tail?

July 26, 2015


The familiar squeak of the rubber squeegee as it was drawn down a plate glass window filled the air, but my mind was miles away driving a rented motor bike to visit my girlfriend. It had been a hard week of scouring the grill, moping the floor, washing dishes and making 40 pounds of hamburgers but Friday was here and payday was at hand. I had already figured I would get almost $40.00 this week and after the bike rental, dinner and maybe a movie it would nearly be gone. But that was OK because next week would soon be here and with her birthday looming I had to save for her present.

In the early 60’s when I got my first job I was paid $2.50 an hour for work at the restaurant, yesterday I heard on the radio that in California they were voting to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour, that makes me wonder how we survived back the. Of course it is simple math when you see back in the 60’s a burger at McDonald’s was twenty five cents one could afford plenty of burgers while making $2.50 an hour. So what will McDonald’s and other fast food places do when the minimum wage goes to $15/hr? Again simple math…raise the cost of those burgers and hire less people.

I fully understand the need for people making more money when everything from rent and utilities to food and gasoline is costing much more than we can afford. However I also understand that by giving everyone a raise every business will then have to charge more for their product, it is indeed a vicious cycle that must be broken. There was a way back when I first got married to make life easier financially, it was to get a second or third part time job. Today it seems most people however want the government to jump in and solve our financial problems.

A minimum wage of $15.00
will only increase the cost of everything
and we will continue to
to live like a cat chasing its tail.

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  1. July 27, 2015 11:00 am

    Hey Pete – Until we change the mindset of the ‘I’m entitled’ generation we will endure such nonsense. The idiots are too dim to recognize that basically doubling their wages will cause the companies to move to as much automation as possible along with raising prices. This, in turn, will do away with a lot of these jobs and probably drive a number of these firms either out of business or cause them to branch out into other areas. This means these same people will be losing their employment. Somehow we forgot that such employment in the ‘fast food’ industry were starter jobs for kids on summer vacation or right out of high school; they were never meant to provide income for more than one person and that was just barely subsistence. They were designed to allow one person to start learning about the working culture and then aim for other, higher paying – with more responsibilities – positions.


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