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Sometimes it’s not Black vs White

July 5, 2015

bildeFor decades now I have lived an isolated life 65 miles from any civilization but that does not mean I do not understand that there exists problems between all races and religions. Remember for 48 years I lived in Philadelphia and have personally experienced and observed racism and brutality on both sides. I understand that there are those who will never learn to accept anyone other than one of their own color or religion. But I also have had the privilege of interacting with people of all races working, living and supporting each other and I am the better for that.
I understand that the media jumped on the deaths of the black men in Ferguson, New York and Maryland not only because they were a tragedy in and of themselves but because they were the result of interaction with white policeman and thus this would draw a larger audience. They in effect were fanning the flames of those in the minority of black men and woman who see every policeman as their enemy. Yet for some reason the Media downplays the policemen that are killed almost every day, just doing their job protecting you and I.

For whatever the reason I am therefore happy I came across this news article that never made it to any National news outlet that I have access to. It seems that a woman who worked at Boiling High School, in South Carolina, as a custodian for over twenty years had her home destroyed in a fire. Unbeknownst to her the students from the high school where she worked and volunteers from the Swofford Career Center along with members of Carpenters for Christ worked for a year to build her a new home. To put the icing on the cake local business made sure the home was fully furnished right down to every day appliances. What makes this story stand out in my mind is the fact that Ms. Brenda Hurst is black and that many of the volunteers were white.

Why is it we only read and hear about
the violence between the races,
when so much that is good
goes noticed?


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  1. john permalink
    July 6, 2015 2:30 am

    the media IS the problem, or a big part of it. fox news is my source, the others are a visit to fantasy island john


  2. July 6, 2015 11:07 am

    I do agree with what John stated in principle but ultimately the issue is with the American people. If we truly feel the ‘lamestream’ media is useless then let’s stop supporting it by watching their broadcasts. Sadly money talks so let’s show the liberal press and news outlets most of America is wise to their BS and we’re not gonna take it any more..!


  3. Jon permalink
    July 7, 2015 11:55 am

    As Rush pointed out today, everyone knows who Treyvon Martin was but almost no one knows the identity of the woman murdered in California or Arizona (can’t remember which) by the illegal who was deported no less than 5 times.
    Then again we have a race promoter/baiter in the White House aided & abetted by the other racist Sharpton who has an open door policy to the White House. These community organizers thrive on & make their living from racist promotion.


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