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Fathers day thoughts on being a parent

June 20, 2015

Last week I was transferring some 8mm movies to my hard drive and was watching a scene where my dad and I were walking on the steps of our nations capitol. For a moment my mind transported me back to me running up the walkway outside the White House and turning and seeing the look on my fathers face…. not a word passed but I knew I was ‘acting silly’ in a ‘place’ that deserved respect and I went
back and waited in line with them before they let our group into the White House.

Though he passed in 1994, I still wonder if he would be mad at the life I am now living. I know it is strange I would equate my value on a mans opinion that is no longer alive, but I believe this is because as he raised me he instilled the character traits that would frown on this type of escapists lifestyle. I know
it is because of him I feel the way I do about my faith and my country, and just like him I have a number of faults… some I have overcome and some will remain.

In our present society fewer and fewer children are allowed the benefits of being raised by both a mother and father, some because of divorce and others because of our nations loss of morality. Whatever the reason the results are the same, a lessoning of that children’s character, because that lone parent must divide their time between making a living and raising the their child. Yes I hear your thoughts saying how can I say that a single mother or single father can not do just a good a job as a married couple, and I say you are wrong.

If you are honest with our run away economy and you making just enough money to survive, for most families, there is very little quality time left to share with your children. It is not anyone’s fault it is just the way life is at present. However we must step back and realize the importance of what being a father or mother is and stop ourselves from chasing the dollar and instead invest that extra time in our children.

For if we continue
to chase that newest car or iPhone
instead of taking the time to
pray, play and educate our children
we will have soon
lost them forever.

This posting made possible by
the amateur radio email system Winlink.

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  1. Jon permalink
    June 20, 2015 11:20 am

    I’m not a father but I’d recommend any father (or parent for that matter) sit his kids down & either have them read this or read this to them. They may not get it or roll their eyes at it while their minds are on, as you allude to, their latest text, email or app download, but at least they have seen it & it may put some clarity into their lives as it did mine. Thank you for this post.
    Happy Father’s Day to those of you who are.


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