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Trouble in Texas or lack of respect

June 10, 2015

……My internet connection has been severed so my postings will for the time being be just my personal opinion and thoughts on the subjects presented. The sources that spark my writings are: FOX, NBC, CBS and NPR news programs. For the sake of full disclosure many postings are also sparked or reinforced by the myriad of talk shows I listen to. I can no longer use the internet to research any stories that I base my writings on, so please take all of my postings as simply this old man’s observations of the world as it passes by his cabin window.

Once again there is a media frenzy focused solely on another example of excessive police force. I say ‘solely’ because I have heard no mention of any arrest or charges being filed on those involved with the trespass into the pool that sparked the officers actions. From the news stories, I have heard, that the officer used excessive force to subdue the woman and he un-holstered his hand gun. These same news stories also mention that while he was subduing the woman, (who would not obey his order to vacate the premises), two men approached the officer even though he told them to move back.

Today there are now additional stories stating that the officer had just been involved with a suicide attempt before he was called to evict and or arrest a mob that was trespassing at the pool. To me this is not an excuse for his actions. Police officers go through training to ensure that even with the stresses of
their job they will not overreact. They must be able to handle stressful situations like entering a domestic dispute or robbery in progress never knowing what to expect and still maintain their focus. For the majority of all officers they do maintain that focus but like anyone of us they can have a day when they are not at 100 percent.

This police officer reacted to the situation that he faced, he ‘may’ have used more force than necessary but if we ‘honestly’ think about it and two men were fast approaching you after you told them to move away would you wait to see what they were going to do or would you draw your weapon? I also find it strange that nothing is said about the mob that started this. Were arrests made or anyone charged with trespassing?

It comes down to a basic fact
that if those people had not broken the law or even
if they respected the police when they arrived and told them to disperse…
there would be no major media story on every TV in America today,
then again that’s just my opinion.

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  1. June 10, 2015 1:39 pm

    You make a good point Pete. There is a vicious cycle of disrespect. However, which way does the circle go. Have the police lost respect of the public from years of abuse of power that has gone unchecked or is it just that people don’t have respect for authority anymore and police feel that they must use excessive force to bring things under control.


    • June 11, 2015 3:24 am

      at least for this city, the disrespect was from the kids for any kind of rules or authority. there has always been a wonderful repoire between police and the public in mckinney.


  2. June 10, 2015 1:52 pm

    i can answer that question. at least i think i can, because this is my city, my hometown, and it has turned into a freaking circus. one 18 year old guy was arrested, but the charges have been dropped against him and he has stated he won’t sue the police department. what kind of world do we live in where people who are breaking laws can sue the department for arresting them.

    mckinney is not the racist town it is being made out to be. it’s a city that is like a throwback in time in the sense that people of all color, black, white, brown, purple, we all get along. we treat each other with respect because each of us acts in a respectful manner.

    i’m nearly positive that the majority of the kids that invaded the craig ranch neighborhood (in response to a mass invitation through social media to a party that the “host” never obtained permission to have, nor did she pay the mandatory deposit or rental) did not even live in mckinney, but came from neighboring towns. and i say that because even the teens in this city seem to behave better than the national average. the thought that some of them (and undoubtedly some did) may have lived here in our city really is a disappointment.

    what outrages me is that the officer has now resigned, a black adult male who lives in the community (and works as a radio talk show host) has had his job and his family threatened because he has publically stated that the cops’ and their response(s) were NOT racially motivated, and that a white man who lived there who assisted two of the black youngsters after a fight had left them bloodied up has now had his entire family’s lives threatened. the 20 year old who lives in that neighborhood who threw the party (with her mother’s help and without permission from the HOA) has not yet had any consequences for her actions, for breaking the hoa rules, for hosting a party where minors were using drugs and drinking and causing mayhem, and where she herself physically attacked a young mother with small children in tow. she claims that the woman was making racial slurs. maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t, but since when does a racial slur give one the right to physically assault another?

    and speaking of racial slurs, i really doubt it was truly racial. and i say that because i see this happen all the time, and have had it happen to me on social media… if anyone dares criticize the illegal, abusive, hateful, or disrespectful behavior of anyone who is black, they are automatically labeled as racist. it didn’t used to be that way, and it has only become that way in very recent history. six years recent. it is “never” about the person’s action, it’s “always” about the color of their skin. that is the general attitude of the younger generation, and that attitude isn’t limited to black people.

    so since adult residents who witnessed the chain of events say no adults were making racial insults, i have no reason to believe a bunch of teenagers that think they are entitled to whatever they want and nobody had better stand in their way.

    anyway, i’ll step down off my soap box. i don’t write about these things in my own blog, because frankly, i just can’t wrap my head around it. the attitude of hatred towards cops and towards white people in general these days has sickened me so much that i have recently left facebook and even left a christian forum that i had belonged to for 12 years. i’d rather just bury my head in the sand and pretend the world has not gone stark raving mad.

    i envy you, pete. how i wish i could move to some remote area and live almost off the grid.


    • June 17, 2015 10:35 pm

      It is easy to live off the grid this way. find a friend with property.
      You have written a very good post and I agree with you. It is so wrong when the people causing the problems can sue or divert responsibility by screaming “racist”. By their unreasoning stance and impossible demands, they become the very bigots they accuse everyone else of being.
      My Mom would have warmed a lot of backsides if anyone had dared behave in these manners around her.

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  3. Del permalink
    June 10, 2015 1:58 pm

    Pete I will be in squarebanks tomorrow. Will try and make contact over the weekend


  4. June 11, 2015 5:01 am

    I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you’re ok and that you’re posting but sorry your internet has been severed. :( I think I’d have to go in the corner, curl up and suck my thumb LOL. All the news lately has made me not even want to listen to it. I used to detest people like myself who live in ignorance. I’m not completely ignorant as I do hear some news but I don’t focus on it anymore. It’s sad actually. I’m so sick of people not having respect for anybody else and SO tired of the dumbing down of our society. What will it be like in 100 years? Frightening.



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