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The new American reality

May 15, 2015

P.1My awakening to this new reality came about in a quite unexpected way. I was sitting watching a crime drama on TV and it was showing a scene where the camera starts a few hundred feet over a major metropolitan city at night, one with tens of thousands of lights burning in the myriad of buildings and homes. As the camera slowly zooms in from that wide shot to focus on one building and then just one window you get a sense of having just passed millions of people until the camera enters the window into one persons home.

Inside that home the camera pans around the rooms showing various evidence of one’s daily life from books read and sports gear laying in the corner to photos decorating the walls and shelves. Everything reflecting what this one human being cherishes most. It was then that like the flash of a camera my mind realized that America as we have known it is fading into history.

I became aware in that instant, in the futility of my ramblings on this blog, that most Americans are so fixated on their daily life, that though they may complain they will not exert any continuous effort to band together to make the changes needed to save our nations way of life. Yes for many they may be at times irritated at what our leaders are doing but they are content if they can maintain the ‘status quo’. So no amount of words by me or those of the thousands of professional writers will plant the seed that will motivate the masses to demand change.

Many years ago I piloted a river boat on the Yukon river and I learned one supremely important factor that you can not change the direction you are heading when the current is more powerful than the engine on the boat. It takes the force of a powerful motor to change course and it would take the force of tens of millions of Americans to say enough….and change the direction this country is heading. This of course will never happen because we are so self involved with our own lives to do more than speak out about the wrongs that Washington is doing every day.

Each and every one of us has seen and can not deny:

There is a distinct effort to lower the moral values in America
There is an effort underway to see those with patriotism as belligerent toward other nations
The American military is being downsized and viewed as aggressive and unnecessary
The constant devaluation of our money will lead to the collapse of the American economy
The lowering of standards in our education system so that none will feel left behind
The medias view that racism and wealth is the basis for all our inner city ills
The governments determination to favor free will over Gods laws

…and seeing this do you not realize
that like the Roman and English Empires of old
Americas time of greatness is ending?

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  1. Terry permalink
    May 16, 2015 3:32 am

    My free will based on reason will be my way until I die. Can we not find more of us?


  2. May 16, 2015 5:55 am

    This is so true Pete. I love your analogy of the boat too. I’m guilty as charged. We the People have so much power yet we really don’t use it. The voting booth leaves us with selections that are less than optimum no matter which way you go imho. Food for thought.


  3. May 16, 2015 7:26 am

    Some good observations, Pete! I do, however, believe that as we age we become less tolerant of change and as such we find many reasons to rail against the process. Yet change is almost a constant and is generally a healthy thing. I also remember being in college and marveling at the older folk who were claiming our generation was tearing apart the country’s moral fiber; I saw it as a positive shift. While I must admit I feel as you do especially regarding the danger posed by the ever-expanding federal government I also have to confess I do wonder if at times I’m just not emulating one of those elderly folks I spoke of earlier..?


  4. Del permalink
    May 19, 2015 4:38 am

    This is a major reason we’re screwed if things don’t change i afraid..


  5. Jon permalink
    May 23, 2015 5:44 pm

    We just watched Bill Watters asking questions of college people & adults as O’Reilly’s “man on the street” . Like I told my wife, these people are the reason we have what we have. Completely uninformed about anything. But they know their smart phones. Useful idiots all in contributing to the destruction of this country.
    Good post, Del.


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