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A peek inside the media playbook

April 5, 2015

P.1It started simply enough with a polite woman reporter from a local, (ABC-57 South Bend, Indiana), low budget, television station conducting what appeared to be an innocent interview. The reporter, (Alyssa Marino), was inquiring how local businesses would respond to the question that was appearing on the front page of most of the nations newspapers, when she asked “how they feel about Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act”.

The store owner, Crystal O’Connor, says she’s “in favor of it, noting that while (anyone) can eat in her family restaurant, if the business were asked to cater a gay wedding, they would not do it because it conflicts with their biblical beliefs”.

Alyssa Marino was searching for controversy and headlines not seeking out how the average business owners felt about the new state law. The reporter already knew that she would showcase anyone she found refusing to service the LBGT community because of their religious beliefs as bigoted and discriminatory, otherwise there would be no inflammatory headline and no national news story.

The results of her story was that social media exploded with death threats and promises of people joining together to firebomb the business. So once again am I too old and dense to see why a reporter would stage a potentially dangerous news event when we have other more important news to focus on like the murder of 147 students at a school in Kenya just because they were Christian?

Or why didn’t Ms. Marino just do a follow-up on the Steven Crowder news story about how he went into a number of Muslim bakeries in Dearborn, Michigan and when he tried to order a gay wedding cake all of the Muslim bakers declined. Or was that a subject that was put off limits in the news media playbook?

Yes there is a ‘playbook’ for the media. It may not be written down but the American media has been told what subjects they can not cover and which ones should be blown all out of proportion. The ‘playbook’ can be altered when someone in authority tells them….just like when Mrs. Clinton’s aide just before an interview handed the reporter who was going to question her a list of (words) that may not be used during the interview, anyone thinking about freedom of speech/press right now?

So we have two reporters asking basically the same question and both received the same answer.
In one case we have national news coverage and death threats and the other silence.
To me it is obvious that Christians are being targeted.

My link to research on the Memories pizza interview.

My link for research on the Muslim bakery interview.

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  1. April 5, 2015 10:14 pm

    The media’s “moral code” (of complete lack thereof) sickens me. I just rarely trust any kind of journalism anymore, because it is so twisted and biased.


  2. April 6, 2015 8:32 pm

    Now it is more of an additional social media than an actual news media. Most of the reporters wouldn’t know how to write a real unbiased news story if it jumped up and bit them on the ass. Yes, newspapers have an editorial page. That is where the individual opinions should be printed, not as news.


  3. Jon permalink
    April 9, 2015 6:03 pm

    Just saw on Hannity’s TV show where Kirsten Powers has, surprisingly, written a new book “How the Left Is Stifling Free Speech.” I may have the title slightly off, but it is similarly worded. Interesting, nonetheless coming from a liberal like her, although I think she is more fair than most.


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