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Sex, lies and WordPress

March 24, 2015

P.1Like any good article or talk show I will start of with the mundane and then address the confusion about sex and lies. The only difference between this posting an a talk show is I can not stretch out this teaser with the interspersion of advertisements. Witch of course could well end up the subject of another posting of its own as to why we must be told and retold what is ‘coming up’ after the next commercial or station break. I find it totally aggravating that talk shows now spend many minutes at the beginning of each segment letting us know what they will be discussing without ever actually saying anything.

Anyway let me take care of some house cleaning first, before I am accused of doing just what I said in the previous paragraph. I must start this off with an apology for not posting with my usual embedded links. I do not know if you have noticed their absence, but I have always made sure to back up my postings with links to my sources. I personally do not like to read posts that do not back what they are writing about without a link to their source. If I am taking the time to read what someone has to say and it is not just a personal story or fiction I look for links to the source of the posting. With these links I can then balance what is being written about in the posting versus what the source is saying.

Some will say I can always search the internet for what was written but I may not find the source that is quoted in the posting, and thus I may not fully understand why the blogger is saying what they did. The same holds true with respect to posting a photograph that relates to the posting. I am a firm believer in that old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, and since I do not write long postings the photographs have helped me in the past reinforce what I have said about the subject matter.

Now to the crux of the apology…. At present I can not do either when editing my postings on wordpress. For years I have been able to do these functions and you have reaped the benefit of my actions but it appears now that I can no longer do that. I have had many suggestions as to how to make the links happen but nothing seems to work, and as far as placing a photograph on the post no matter where I place one, (except next to the first paragraph), it ends up moving above the posting.

This problem may quite well be self inflicted because I am still running an 5 year old OS on my Mac, or it may be that my ‘old browser’ is equally to blame, (newer browsers apparently are not compatible with my old OS). Whatever the cause I am sure that those who read my postings and have an interest in whatever subject I am addressing will also search out the facts behind my posting on the internet. I will continue to bang my head against the wall searching for the reason for what is preventing me from linking my thoughts to their source.

However since I have written almost 600 words
like the talking heads on the radio
please stand by because
“I will be right back after this short break”
with the rest of the posting about… and lies.

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  1. March 24, 2015 8:42 pm

    YOU ARE SO FUNNY….kept me reading ……more please….


  2. March 25, 2015 8:04 am

    I concur Pete; I also abhor so many of the Discovery Channel or History Channel programs that give one a recap of the previous segment after each commercial break! Give me a break!! If I didn’t see it it is now possible to see the show from its beginning if one has a DVR. If not it’ll be on at least ten more times during that week! As for issues with WordPress…well, I’m also having fits with it. I changed my avatar via ‘’ but now it will not display. I changed it back to the original and it displayed but it refuses to use the new image even though when I look at my profile it shows the updated image as my avatar. I also noticed that just recently if I prep a piece in Word and leave two spaces between sentences WordPress now removes a space and adds in a dash when I copy it over. What’s up with that..??


  3. March 25, 2015 12:16 pm

    yeah – I must admit I feel hook line and sinker for this one – I only read Sex – I skimmed over the technical wordpress jargon and then alas – I was left wanting to read more!!! well done – you could be on the path to your own talk show, a high rating lifestyle show about living in the remote Wilderness – I think there is a market for it – after all Ice Road Truckers and Alaskan State Troopers have surely paved the way to – Pete’s Alaska – !!!


  4. Jon permalink
    March 27, 2015 12:50 am

    antonywarren, more like Deadliest Catch because he hooked all of us!!! LOL!! Good one Pete.


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