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The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and a conspiracy

February 27, 2015

swatI typed away at my keyboard, pausing only to sip the still steaming cup of coffee and take in more caffeine to fuel the already energized brain cells. I was so focused on my writing that I was never aware of the sound of vehicles pulling into my driveway. Todays article was on corruption in the election system and I had an inside source that gave me a direct link between that corruption and the president of the United States. As I turned to look over my notes again the front door burst open and within seconds there were pinpoints of red dots covering my head and face. My last thought was that I would never finish this article in time to publish it……when my world went black.

I woke up with a start it was once again just another dream, and I thought maybe I should not snack so close to when I go to sleep, however this particular dream seemed to have some fingers in reality. On the whole I do not believe in conspiracy theories but of late when looking at the overall picture of oil production here in the United States one sees a definite direction of the limiting of any major push in production in the United States, while favoring the importation of oil.

Consider that as of 2013 the United States was importing 45% of its oil from OPEC countries and over the last year and a half that number is has been swiftly falling, primarily because of the increase in production within our borders. Is it then any wonder that OPEC decided to flood the market with its oil to lower the price of a barrel of oil. They are willing to loose billions of dollars for only one reason to put the new smaller independent American companies out of business.

When you add that to a concerted effort by the administration to not allow the XL-pipeline to be built, scare tactics on the news whenever there is a train crash involving oil tankers, the increased restrictions on oil production both offshore and on federal land and now the President calling for closing ANWR to oil production, one has to wonder why if our nation is ever to be energy self sufficient is the government doing these things?

Sure congress has just spent over a week passing legislation calling for the building of the XL-pipeline but they already know full well that the President will veto it and they also know they do not have the votes necessary to override that veto. They wasted their time just so they could go back to the voters and say that they supported the XL-pipeline… but I say if they ‘truly’ supported it why did they not have the backbone to stand up and override that veto?

So I am getting mental glimpses of some hidden hand manipulating congress to restrict our nations production of oil. I do not understand why we would want to financially support foreign nations like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Mexico by buying their oil over producing our own but it is undeniably happening. By building the XL-pipeline we could have had our nations single largest supplier of oil, (Canada 33%), increase that supply and we would not be sending money to countries that may end up in the hands of people who want to bring down our nation.

So to me the closing of ANWR to oil production
will lead to an eventual end to oil flowing from Alaska.
Combine that with the veto of the XL-pipeline
and it will lead to a greater dependence on middle eastern oil
but I am sure there is no conspiracy
just concern for the environment
and Alaska’s Caribou!

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  1. Jon permalink
    February 28, 2015 3:42 am

    Just another of many examples of the anti-American president we have. I don’t have to mention the aiding & abiding press & the environMENTALists who don’t really care about the environment as much as people control.

    Reminds me of Hitler more & more every day. And the chicken crap Congress is Neville Chamberlain.


  2. Rejoysfull permalink
    February 28, 2015 6:05 am

    It is a real mystery whynthe elite leftists in Washington think that continied dependence on foreign oil is a good thing … but I have been enjoying the lower gas prices.


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