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A short take on the news media and Truth

February 5, 2015

HueyI breathed in the smell of decay and rotting corpses filling the air as we boarded the chopper. Soon after take off the thundering sound of our Huey made communication all but nonexistent as the chopper skimmed within inches of the tree tops. With no moon out tonight we crisscrossed back and forth from rice paddy to jungle in total darkness. Then in an instant a blinding flash of light became a ball of fire as our chopper was hit and within seconds we were on the ground and running for our lives……..

It was at that moment that I woke up and realized I was ‘channeling’ the prime time news commentator Brian Williams and his televised lies about being in a helicopter in Iraq when it was shot down by enemy fire. This is the same national news anchor who millions of Americans rely on for their daily news about how well the administration is doing with regard to the national debt, unemployment and international relations. If he can tell half-truths about his ‘brush with death’ in Iraq on three national television shows how can we believe him about anything he says about our government?

How did he get away with telling that story for so long? Why didn’t anyone from the news team he was with come forward and call him on it? Why did it take a story in the ‘Stars and Stripes’ military newspaper to have him make a public apology that he lied?

I know it is cliché but I long for the days when the evening news
just reported facts not opinions
and reporting a lie would mean an end to your career.

**Stars & Stripes news article about Brian Williams

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  1. February 5, 2015 11:18 pm

    The news media fires their own for calling somebody a name, not for telling lies. If I were running a news agency, I would boot any lying broadcaster out the door. Unless, of course, I didn’t care about the truth…


  2. February 7, 2015 3:11 am

    I believe that there is no longer any defined lines between news and entertainment. So Brian Williams created a star quality script to match his new ‘role’ of news anchor.

    Your home in Alaska is breathtaking beautiful. Over forty plus years ago when my father passed and my sister and I were going through his file cabinet, we found a big fat folder of correspondence, forms, maps, and information about homesteading in Alaska. We marveled at how different our lives would have been had this occurred. Our mother simply stated that she told him he was crazy and neither she or the children would be going. End of that.

    BUT….what finding this trove of information did for both of us was to give us permission to feel and act on those deep seated curiosities about the world. We both embraced our wanderlust rather than suppress it, and have traveled and lived in many places. Whenever I think of Alaska I think of that file and being set free to what has turned out to be many a fine adventure.


  3. Jon permalink
    February 7, 2015 11:45 am

    The pomposity, arrogance, & shamelessness of some of these people is really amazing. It shows Williams & Matt Lauer for that matter are so full of themselves they just don’t give a damn what they say because they think they can count on their networks to run cover for them & their lies. Like Dan Rather lying about George Bush’s service record. We all know he was fired but the press release said he retired to keep his legend intact. What a bunch of crap. Williams slapped the military across the face with this & his non-apology apology was even worse. If he has any sense of conscience he’ll resign, but I doubt it.
    If this were any conservative commentator, it’d be front-page news & lead the so-called 6 o’clock news & there would be screams for an apology & firing.


  4. February 8, 2015 9:58 am

    Hey Pete – Bit cold up your way, eh? Here in the ‘Banana Belt’ it has been a bit cool but the wind has been the real story; since Friday we’ve seen pretty much steady 35+ mph winds which have yielded some -45 F and lower wind chills. Even here in the boreal forest I’ve measured winds at ground level in the 18 mph to 25 mph range. Anyway, two thoughts on the Brian Williams thing; number one – there no longer exists any such thing as ‘journalism’ in this country. Money drives everything and it does the news business as well; apparently millions of idiot Americans consume what this ‘blow dried blow hard’ dispenses and this results in ratings which mean big money. Because of this alone I’d bet NBC will do nothing and sadly I’d bet 99% of his former audience continues to tune in to hear him. Number two – in a way I’m surprised at all the furor this has engendered. After all, since Bill Clinton we’ve been hammered by slick, scumbag lawyers twisting each and every word and spinning ideas and perspectives so much that I doubt anyone really knows the ‘whole truth’ any longer. We’re living the epitome of this degeneration with the current ‘Liar In Chief’ who feels that just by saying something he magically makes it true. And, of course, he’s a scumbag Chicago lawyer so this really shouldn’t be a surprise. We’ve become a nation of pathetic losers who just want to be handed ‘freebies’ and told what to think and say; apparently having/maintaining a moral compass and thinking critically are just too much work..!!


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