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Hey this isn’t the Drudge* report!

January 11, 2015

This could have happened…
P.1A cold wind was blowing here in North Texas and today was no exception as we walked near Texas stadium where, years ago, the Cowboys held reign over their dynasty as the best team in football. We had stopped to take some pictures when I felt that familiar rocking beneath my feet as the earth decided to move. Now I am no stranger to earthquakes, Alaska has the highest number of any state in the union, but come on this was Dallas Texas in the center of the United States, not exactly sitting on the Pacific ‘rim of fire’ like Alaska.

As usual my mind started to formulate an outline for a posting about the Texas quake of 2015, with me at it’s center but the shaking stopped and later I found out it was not even a 3 on the richter scale. I did discover that this same area had experienced 12 quakes in the pervious 48 hours so something was happening. Could it be because of all the fracking going on in the Texas area or maybe this was just a sign that Yellowstone was waking up, either way the possibility of an interesting posting was looming larger.

Politics, stupidity and acts of god wait for no blogger!

Writing about current news events is much different than blogging, in that writing about news looses some of its relevancy as the time increases from the actual incident. So what is a poor old blogger to do and more to the point why am I writing about this? I have received over time a few emails asking why I hold off and wait a few days before publishing some time sensitive postings. The answer is simple this ain’t Drudge*! The pervious posting on (1/8/15) is a prime example of time sensitive news once again delayed by me. Yes when I first heard about the vote in Congress I was upset enough to sit right down and throw some facts and thoughts together. In fact I am sure I could have polished those words up and posted it the very night it happened, but I know it would not be ‘my style’ of posting and that it would simply be a repeating of facts that happened and a grump or two about how I feel.

As you go through the WordPress reader and read postings from varied topics you begin to notice some stark differences in the diverse blogs. There are the factual no nonsense postings that never revile the authors feelings and on the other side you have the personal this is about me blogs that are (to me) akin to reading someone’s diary. Lastly you have those which takes incidents from life and blend them together with personal experiences or feelings and serve them up for your enjoyment.

For now I hope you see my labors as the latter,
unrestrained by time and seasoned by
seven decades of insight.

*For those who are not familiar with the Drudge report, it is a news gathering web site. When established in 1998 it presented news stories that would not normally be found in the mainstream media. Today it still has those unpublished news stories but has now acquired the flavor of a shopping market digest.

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  1. January 11, 2015 2:11 pm

    We are frakking rocking up north of you, in Oklahoma, as well…don’t woory about the drudge report :P


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