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The cosmic commonality between grandchildren and blog postings

January 6, 2015

As witnessed from the last posting on my blog one can assume:

that politicians have actually been telling the truth and are making life better for all of us
and the world in general
has realized that religion, race and economic status doesn’t matter

or that I:
have run out of things to say
decided to plagiarize any and all postings I can find
have been abducted by aliens
or I am interacting with my grandchildren more than focusing on my writing!

Welcome to the world of two very precocious children and a Grumpy old man. I have not been P.1able to break my morning routine of coffee and cigaretts but it definitely has been modified a bit. I now spend a longer time activating my brain cells with the caffeene and nicotine, mostly because from that first ‘grand-p0p’ come look at this as from my granddaughter as I drag myself from the bed to the coffeepot, to the brilliant smile of my grandson as I attempt to be part of his focused playing….writing for this blog, for me, has become secondary in my Texas universe.

I however suffer not one iota from this withdrawal of satire, observation and sarcasm normally found on this blog, because I have but to open my bedroom door and I can escape to worlds that children understand but I have long ago forgotten. At times it is the simplest of things that can occupy them for hours or days, and the look in their faces as you join them is worth more than one can describe.

Oh…right the connection between grandchildren and blog postings. If one were to follow a child as he plays from start to finish we would see at the start, what would seem like disorganization but would build as time passes to a complete game or project. Take for instance my granddaughter Sophia. One day as I passed her she was dragging a cardboard box, ( was here), to the living room. A while later I saw her bringing her colored penciles and sisors to where the box came to rest. I went outside for a while but when I returned the box had become a boat with a sail, stearing wheel and all the trimmings and sitting alongside her, at its helm, were her favorate stuffed animals.

Since my avocation in life was never writing I have no concept of how one goes about creating a properly written article, book or blog posting. For me it is having a cigarette and some coffee and just let my mind drift. Sometimes I have the radio on for background noise and sometimes words filter through. It is my unconscious brain that makes a connection and suddenly a word heard becomes an idea for a posting. The word or idea written on the blank screen soon has the company of other still disjointed though related thoughts, and usually left on the desktop for a day or days before I revisit it again. Then for no apparent reason while rereading what was written, the word, sentence or thoughts metamorphosis into a complete posting and is published.

With luck that new posting will find its way in front of you
and if my words provoke thought, anger or a smile
then my effort will like the childs ship carry you hopefully to a better place.

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  1. January 6, 2015 2:03 pm

    It’s as it should be Pete; the time you can spend with your grand kids is probably the most precious you’ll ever know as well as the most fleeting. Enjoy your time with family and just know the cold and snow await your return..!


  2. January 6, 2015 4:45 pm

    I really love the way you write. It has a soothing rythmn, especially in posts like these. We have no little ones in our family. I loved reading this…it brought back memories of what I did as a child to entertain myself.


  3. January 6, 2015 9:34 pm

    If you have a way back into childhood you are indeed blessed <3


  4. January 7, 2015 1:23 pm

    That is a fabulous view into the making of a post. You have brightened my day!


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