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Today nothing happened….

December 21, 2014

It seems that lately I am having more and more of these days, no not down here in Texas, but back in my cabin in Alaska. Now don’t get me wrong having a structure and routine that the body is acustomed to is a good thing at my age, but has the many years of living a solitary life institutionalized me? Maybe as one gets older we find comfort in knowing what comes next, but when something changes within this structure I know I sometimes get for want of a better word…..lost!

On the personal miscrosium side
of this ‘nothing happened day’ we have…


Waking and having my much needed caffeine and nicotine intake to clear the fog of my brain because it has been in standby mode for hours. Then some time with my grandson Kai and his new favorite activity of ‘driving’ the trash containers around the driveway. Later in the day after my granddaughter comes home from school I have the opportunity of accompanying her sophiaattto her TAE KWON DO workout. Once again structure was evident as the instructor held the attention of these young trainees in rapt focus. Throughout the different days there is sprinkled some minor things to do and even time for a breakfast with some new and old Texas friends. This time with the grandchildren is definitely not stressful as witnessed by the drop in my blood pressure, and because of the healthy, freshly cooked dinners my weight has after only 11 days dropped about 8 pounds. All in all a seemingly perfect way to spend Christmas, if it wasn’t for that pesky habit I have of monitoring the national and world news.

…..because when we look at the global side of that
‘nothing happened day’ things are a little different

Two NY Policeman, MR Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were assassinated

141 people nearly all children were murdered in Lahore, Pakistan by the Taliban

Congress ignored the will of the people and passed a budget with money we do not have

Unmarked helicopters with special forces onboard practiced ‘urban drills’ over downtown Dallas, Texas

The President once again traded spies and murders in exchange for one American and 25 Cubans, that because of their political beliefs may be back in jail before I finish writing this. This trade is reminiscent of the unfathomable one surrounding Sgt Bowe Berdahl when he was traded for five Taliban terrorists after he deserted his post in Afghanistan.


Also buried away beneath these stories was the fact that
A number of teenagers were murdered,
some black, some white, and some hispanic,
and no one is marching in protest of these murders.

……despite all this
I will continue with my ‘quiet’ day
and wait for the children to return from school.
Hoping they will never be touched
by the pain that surrounds them in the world.

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  1. December 21, 2014 8:21 am

    It’s not happening like that here in California, I can tell you that! (regarding the gas prices). They are lower but $1.99??? I haven’t seen that in YEARS. Merry Christmas, Pete.


  2. Gina permalink
    December 21, 2014 8:28 am

    Maybe you should turn off the TV ?????? Merry Christmas :)


  3. December 21, 2014 8:31 am

    And speaking of Bergdahl has anyone seen the report on his ‘event’ that was due out last summer, then guaranteed out by the end of September..?? The administration is betting on the 30 second attention span of the American people and thus far that’s a solid bet. If this were a Republican thing the lame stream media would be all over it but since it directly involves our ‘Liar In Chief’ and will be negative they are conveniently ignoring the story.


  4. Jon permalink
    December 21, 2014 9:25 am

    Gas prices are down to an average of $2.32 in the Twin Cities home of the latest mass Black Lives Matter protest yesterday at the Mall of America. Wonder how much lost revenue added up to when the stores shuttered the security gates?

    Newbie, I am the opinion that the Republicans in Congress are almost nothing more than closet Democrats the way this so-called budget vote turned out.

    No question about it, Bergdahl is a deserter & nothing more. Should go to trial in a military tribunal court. but that makes this country look good so that won’t happen anytime soon.


  5. old cop permalink
    December 21, 2014 7:11 pm

    At my age with 18 grandkids and 3greatgrand kids. At amost 70 I have had a good life been married 4 times . I try to teach them to depend on them selves not the government. Put back what you can and plan ahead for what ever comes along. I spent over 30 years in law enforcement not like today. All I do to
    today is plan how take care of my family and buy more bullets and beans. God bless enjoy your family. 73 maybe catch you on the air


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