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Profiling, demonstrations and a golden rule

December 15, 2014

The instant I saw the flashing light in my rearview mirror, my foot eased up on the gas. I was just entering the outskirts of Fairbanks, Alaska on my twice a month supply run Pdriveand now I was thinking this could be an even more expensive trip to town. As I sat and waited for him to approach the truck, I was sure the officer was running my plates. I lowered my window as he was asking for my license, registration and insurance card then as I handed the cards to him I let him know I had a loaded handgun in my truck. His demeanor instantly changed as his hand moved to the butt of his handgun…….

The other day I was on Termr, another web based blogging site, and happned upon a posting by Mr. Lawrence Graham a Harvard educated lawyer, writer and an African American talking about how he wanted to ensure his children would not have to endure ‘profiling’. He has even gone so far as to create guidlines for his children that he hoped will ensure this, to this I can only say I wish you good luck.

I do not care how meticulous one is about how we dress, act or speak…..when you are having an interaction with a law enforcement officer all bets are off. I have, for no good reason, been subjected to what I considered an over the top car stop, where the officer treated me like he already knew I was a criminal. Granted here in Alaska the great majority are always armed but he was not happy when I informed him as soon as he stoped me that I had a loaded gun in the armrest, but it still does not make me a criminal. Nor does it when a young black teenager is walking down a street, but like my ‘armed’ traffic stop, it is all about how we respond to the police officer.

To the father trying to help his children I say to try and weather the waves of racial profiling. There are indeed men and woman working in law enforcement that inhearently distrust and at times hate people of any color other than their own. There are also many other officers who for whatever reason have to prove that they have the power over anyone they stop. They are however in the minority because the majority of police officers who put their lives on the line day in and day out are nothing like them.

On the other side of the issue when I see the “leaders” of these demonstrations across the country demanding this and that I know full whell it is purely for show because what they are demanding will not weed out the bad police officers. These protest “leaders” only want to continue the cycle of racial anomisty so they will continue to have a job. When they lead the protest in Ferguson what was acomplished by burining those stores? Did the NYPD fire any officers after protesters closed down major roads and highways in New York City? But please remember when over a quarter of a million people listened in peace to Dr. Martin Luther King give his “I have a dream” speech those in power listened and then acted!

We must have a better system of weeding out 
 those that see everything only in black and white!

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  1. December 16, 2014 10:20 am

    Pete – until we become a nation with a much thicker skin and a real backbone the ‘grievance industry’ will have a fertile playground and there will be little to stop their insanity. Without question there are ‘bad’ cops just as there are ‘bad’ teachers, ‘bad’ managers and ‘bad’ politicians (okay, maybe it’s not the politicians ‘fault’ as to be a politician nowadays almost assures a complete lack of integrity…); this is called ‘human nature’. At this point we need to muzzle the damn lame-stream press which is so liberal and supports this whole ‘grievance industry’ concept, start teaching our kids the Golden Rule and right and wrong and especially the fact that life is not inherently ‘fair’ and cease this PC nonsense. While this plan would not resolve all our issues it sure would put back a good dose of honest reality in our daily existence.


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