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The view out my cabin window

November 30, 2014

DSCF1766.JPGWith Thanksgiving now a memory brought to the surface when we eat our turkey sandwiches, I sit here and watch the light snowfall as it drops to the earth, unmoved by any wind. As we begin December tomorrow and our 25 day countdown to Christmas the view out my cabin window is one of quiet stillness. Yes there is my Sunday companion of ESPN with its three football games but for the moment I sit in silence, pondering what the future holds.

I wonder what happened to the days when we celebrated Christmas not just a day for exchanging presents but for those of us who are Christians the birth of Jesus. Our freedom obtained from England because of taxation and freedom of religion, now not even a memory to most. Our nation has indeed changed with a focus now on the tangible, whats in it for me. Selfishness is the order of the day and respect for others has gone by the wayside. Could not a correlation be made for the continuing loss of people involved in religion and this ‘me’ social change?

Michael Brown’s mother, on the day of the grand jury decision, called for ‘peaceful’ protest, what we saw was anarchy. Absolutely nothing was gained by the scum that robbed and destroyed her neighbors stores. Absolutely nothing was accomplished by shooting at the fireman that came to save those burning stores. What we saw was the acts of thugs that have no respect for others and saw the opportunity to vent their frustration. This frustration permeated by racial division, dysfunctional parents, failed schools, generational poverty and lack of a good work ethic.

The President spoke of the ‘rule of law’, well in Ferguson that night these people ignored the rule of law. How many times (in your life) have the decision of others not gone your way? How many times have you been forced by some law to do the opposite of what you wanted? Did you then go out and set fire to some business? Did you run down your street breaking windows? Of course not, because you have different values than those that acted out in Ferguson.

Somehow we have to find a way to alter the values of these people to respect other people and their property. If we can not do this then we are definitely on the road to a plural society, if not in reality then mentally. And a plural society will always be us vs them and with that the progress that made America a great nation will never be seen again.

The snow is slowly tapering off but the skies still hold promise of more bad weather as I realize what is needed is a leader. A man or woman that carries the respect of those gone mad that night in Ferguson. A person that with force of will who can lead in peaceful protest the continued climb up the ladder of equality that was demonstrated by the Reverend Dr Martian Luther King.

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  1. Jon permalink
    December 1, 2014 1:11 am

    Realizing this sort of thing has happened many times before in this country, I think for the first time the chief community organizer is in the White House & judging by his record of “the police acted stupidly” & the attorney general & justice department going to investigate the Ferguson police dept., he secretly supports this type of violence of black vs. white. And of course one of the usual suspects Sharpton is always available.


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