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The T-shirt that destroyed our economy

November 6, 2014

With temperatures dropping below zero and the snow that fell over the weeks now remaining until next spring I believe I can say with confidence that winter is finally settling in out here in the Alaskan wilderness. Though my thoughts disorganized as usual and with me still unable to focus on the myriad number of injustices befalling our nation, one seemingly trivial itch needs to be scratched and that is about some T-shirts I purchased recently, but before you click on the close button please hear me out.

While shopping recently and in definite need of some T-shirts, (that is any without holes in them), I came across a bargain that common sense should have told me something was amiss. A national manufacture of T-shirts had a package of six for under $5.00. Unlike our government I live on a strict budget and this purchase was definitely a bargain, so I naturally bought the shirts. It was later at home that I found the reason for the “bargain”.

When I opened the package and donned the first T-shirt I notice instantly that the material was tissue paper thin, and realized they would not last half as long as those I had previously purchased. I had in the past bought many t-shirts from this company and they were all solidly constructed and made of ample cloth. Why had the company made such a drastic change in the weight of the material thus creating a vastly inferior product?

The answer of course was simple… because ‘we’ demanded a lower price this mega company found that by using cloth that was 30% thiner than their normal material they could increase profits and still lower the price. This is but one example of many millions of products that companies have opted to use cheaper and at times inferior material to produce the same product. These same companies wanting to garner more of the market share for their item have also found another simple truth…. American labor is expensive. Yes this flood of manufacturing jobs fleeing to nations where the workers pay would be an unlivable wage here has indeed dropped the price for the product, but now with less skilled manufacturing jobs around who can buy them?

‘We the people’ have demanded lower prices
and for better or worse
the manufactures have heard us.

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  1. November 6, 2014 10:03 pm

    Poor Pete. Well, maybe you could wear 2 at a time? Seriously, that kind of thing frustrates me too. I’m convinced every reduction in price comes with a secret increase in profits as you suggest. Not that I am a pessimist. :)


  2. Jon permalink
    November 8, 2014 5:23 am

    First of all, Del I went to that link, read it & it was forwarded on to lots of my friends. Thanks for sharing.
    Pete, I have found the same thing. Sometimes I shop at Goodwill & other places for good jeans that used to be made here. Or the clearance racks. Ridiculous to pay $100 for a pair of “ripped” jeans like you see some people wear.
    Of course there is that little thing called the highest corporate tax rate in the world that may have something to do with it too.


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