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May I touch your breast?

October 6, 2014

P.1No I am not saying I want to touch your breast but anyone in California who does may soon go to jail if they do not ask for permission first! In between the news about Isis, Ebola and our open borders a few items have caught my attention. Now I understand that California has many problems with illegals flooding the schools and hospitals and numerous forest fires destroying homes and uprooting peoples lives so when I read what it’s state legislature and Governor were focused on I thought it is another prime example of the government ignoring the hard issues.


In its infinite wisdom the California legislature is passing a bill requiring people on a date to verbally give consent for any sexual activity. I found this interesting because just how will this law be enforced? Is it OK to kiss someone, ‘when the moment is right’, without asking permission? After that kiss does one have to stop and ask if it is OK to touch their partner? Maybe the legislature will create some type of consent form and we check a box to let our partner know what is allowed? Or should we should just record all our encounters so that if there is any question you just play back the tape?


Governor Jerry Brown has just signed a state-wide law banning plastic bags at grocery and convenience stores. Now I have to say that I have hated plastic bags since they first appeared. Mostly because they were just not as strong as the old paper bag but also because they will not degrade as fast as the paper bags when they are thrown away. In fact I would fully expect that after some asteroid or comet hit the earth and civilization becomes extinct, I believe the only proof that we ever existed will be billions of plastic bags. That said I am sure you have noticed we no longer have a choice of paper or plastic but if we did I am sure ‘we the people’ without any law would cut the use of plastic bags by 80% or better.


And lastly but most importantly I think is another erosion of our second amendment rights. In his infinite wisdom Governor Brown has signed into law a bill allowing the confiscation of peoples personal firearms. The law allows relatives to petition the court to seize another family members firearm. Besides being unconstitutional, I guess no one sees the obvious disaster this law is when one family member gets mad at another and decides to have the police take away his guns? I guess the next thing we will see is an amendment that allows a neighbor or ‘friend’ to petition the court whenever that neighbor does something the other one doesn’t like.

I am glad to see that California has so few real problems effecting its citizens
that they see fit to focus on:
the sexual activities of its people
the trash they create
and their right to bear arms!

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  1. Del permalink
    October 7, 2014 10:37 am

    Just imagine living there! And just think they almost put on a ballot to vote to divide it into 6 different states.


  2. Jon permalink
    October 8, 2014 6:49 pm

    At least here in Mn. they’re focused on sensible things like a new billion dollar stadium for the Minnesota Jailbirds (Vikings) where 45 of them have been arrested for one thing or another the last decade, a new stadium for the loser baseball team, the Twins, & of course the ever-expanding light r(f)ail system. St. Paul has appropriated several million to study baring back streetcars to downtown. The Senate has going to spend $70 million for a new office building to have a new place to spend more money. A lot of downtown St. Paul office space is empty & they could take their touted light (f)rail but that’s too inconvenient for these spoiled clowns. And it goes on & on. Good luck to all of us.


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