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An Alaskan fall and maybe a funeral

September 5, 2014


With overnights from the mid 20’s to 30’s the cabin gets a little cool overnight. and early morning finds me trying in vain to bury myself deeper under the covers. I have once again begun the ‘Alaskan fall habit’ of lighting the stove for a couple hours to take the chill off as the sun now slowly rises over the ‘White mountains’. With the trees now turning golden yellow and the hills covered with lichen an moss bathed in crimson red I think I can safely say fall has arrived.

Oh yes the funeral…Looking back at recent posts it seems that I have discussed: God, road trips, rainy weather, peoples perception, immigration and solar flairs. During this same period the President has ignored an invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, the soon to be world wide epidemic of Ebola, Isis slaughter of Christians in Iraqi and the continued fall of Americas economy. There is more but you get my point. One wonders if he like Nero during the Roman era is now content to just coast out these last two years while the world around him burns. More to the point is the Curmudgeon many of you started to follow on this blog also quietly lying on his death bed ignoring history in the making?

I don’t think I have mellowed any, at least my neighbors don’t think so. So it seems I just needed a break from the reality of the world around me. However unlike most of the people in America who maintain this ignorance of (hard to live with) current events I will not bury myself in distractions.

I will endeavor to resurrect that curmudgeon

that most have come to know and look forward to on these postings.


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  1. Terry permalink
    September 5, 2014 9:40 pm

    Gorgeous photos! This is why I will always love it!


  2. September 6, 2014 3:03 am

    This is beautiful…


  3. September 6, 2014 4:39 am

    Hey Buddy – Wow, you folks are about a week ahead of us down here in the ‘banana belt’! Enjoy the sunshine…


  4. Jon permalink
    September 7, 2014 5:12 am

    Joining Terry in complimenting the photos. I like the wet road effect on the Dalton photo; almost looks like foil.
    Well, Thurs. & Fri. had dew points in the low-mid 70s. This week-end is picture perfect; I actually brought a jacket to a car show yesterday where my reign on first place in my class ended after 2 years but 2nd is good enough for me, being a Buick Grand National was the winner. This show was in Northfield, Mn. as part of the Defeat Jesse James Days. Some of you might remember the Jesse James/ Younger Brothers gang of bank robbers in the 1800s. Their luck ran out Sept. 7th, 1876, when the townspeople were ready for them. Some of them got away but were later captured although Frank & Jesse James got away, & some townspeople lost their lives in the shoot-out. There’s a carnival, rodeo, etc. & also several re-enactments of the robbery-shoot-out.
    After that hot, muggy weather I mentioned, we may have a scattered frost this coming Fri. morning, just a little early for this part of the world.
    Pete, I like your curmudgeonly ways & you’re right people aren’t paying attention like those of us on this blog & it’s sad to see & realize our country is being sold down the drain by this regime & dictator wanna-be. We were at a house party last night enjoying a fire, good food & conversation & I noticed all the kids were engrossed in their smart phones or some sort of stupid video game. I’ve said this before on this blog, Einstein once said that technology is turning us into a nation of idiots. Yup.


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