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Noah’s ark in Alaska?

August 25, 2014


p3The pounding on my door late last night was incessant, so much so that I grabbed my gun as I reached over to open it. Now nearing the end of August it was indeed quite dark but I could still make out an old man with a face etched with many decades of a hard life. He was dressed in what appeared to be a robe making him quite a strange sight for being out here in the wilderness. He spoke of his immediate need for massive amounts of timber already hone into rough cut boards. His speech bespoke an image of immediacy and yes even a touch of insanity. I was ready to cut him off but stopped dead in my tracks when he mentioned his name….Noah

It was then I awoke to the sound of thundering rain on my metal roof….just a dream I thought brought on by the endless days of rain this summer. In reality of the 86 days so far this summer, running from June until today, the sun appeared on 21 days and it has rained 61 days leaving 4 days of overcast skies. Maybe not quite enough for Noah to start building his ark but certainly enough to wonder what is happening to our weather.

When I look at the overall picture; from the droughts, heat-waves and the numerous violent tornadoes of this and past years only one conclusion is evident…..climate change is indeed happening. If you add into this the scientific observations done with ‘ice-core’ sampling where we have discovered that the earth has for millennium gone through these global weather changes, it only reinforces my conclusion. I am not in any way referring to the artificially constructed ‘global warming’ scenarios where through the artful cherry-picking of certain statistics we are being blamed for the planets rise in temperature, but the natural cycle of the changing of earths weather. If we accepted the ‘global warming’ theory than we should have found that tens of thousands of years ago a civilization that also polluted the earths atmosphere to match what was found in the ice core samples….maybe these polluters were the people of Atlantis?

Meanwhile back here in the woods I may not like the way the weather is changing
but I understand it is a natural occurrence and I just have to learn to accept it and adapt to it.
That is unless I can turn HAARP back on and change the weather back to the way it was.


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