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Perception is everything

August 19, 2014

The grasses, mostly weeds, surrounding my cabin are now around three and a half feet high due to all the rain and now three days of solid sun, one can almost see them getting taller. We haven’t had another sighting, after those first four, of any bears which is good, but now with the sun comes a rise in temperature hearkening a shorter life for the ice in my ice chest on the entryway. Some would say go out and enjoy the sun and the great wilderness around you, and others would say that I am never content with what I have. Either opinion would be right depending on ones perspective of the world around me that day.

I in turn would ask what do you perceive when you step out your front door? If you see your family and friends interacting, maybe over a BBQ where congenial conversation and smiles abound, then you may feel secure in that you have a job that allows you to live in a nice home or apartment with ample time for that BBQ with friends. If your children have activities to fill their summer waking hours and a spouse or significant other that loves and supports you, at this instant you ‘perceive’ that all is good in your world.

In the evenings when you sit down to watch some television you may shy away from news because it only makes you uncomfortable, so you focus on sports, drama or entertainment shows. You tell yourself that you have enough to deal with just making the pieces of your family life work so that everyone is happy. You also think there is nothing one person, like yourself, can do to change what is wrong in the world so why watch the news and have to think about the suffering that is taking place in our country and the world.

We never understand that by watching these ‘mind candy’ shows our perception of what makes a good life is being slowly altered. No I am not talking about all the bias that exists on the news programs or talk shows, but ordinary television with its commercials telling us that our lives are lacking unless we have the newest this or that. Or within the shows themselves when they show us how life is so much better if we ignored the morally right thing to do and just enjoyed ourselves. Or how about the movie or TV show that lead us to believe we are prejudice if we do not accept or support alternate life styles.

Webster’s defines (perception) as, “the knowledge gained by perceiving…or observing”. From the commercials on TV and in the movies, display adds in newspapers and online one cannot ‘observe’ far without seeing something telling us how our lives would be so much better if only we bought into what they were offering. So in a sense we are daily being subtlety brainwashed to want what we do not need.

Is it any wonder
that overall most people are unsatisfied with their lives,
when we are told ‘subliminally’ over and over everyday,
how unsatisfactory our lives are because we lack the newest things?

Is it not time to say we can be content we what we have?

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  1. TimeToMakeTheDonuts permalink
    August 20, 2014 6:07 am

    I have perceived your headline is misspelled….what do I win??


  2. August 20, 2014 6:48 am

    You betcha Pete – this is the sole function of Madison Avenue; manufacture a need for the customer’s product and then relentlessly push this need and its ‘solution’ which entails purchasing said product. We’ve all heard ‘sell it with sex’ but these services employ the whole gamut of emotions like guilt, humor and just plain ole ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’. And they obviously are very skilled at their craft given how much unneeded stuff is sold. By the way; I had to go into Chrome to post this response as while in Firefox I kept getting that “Sorry, this comment cannot be posted” error message…


  3. Jon permalink
    August 24, 2014 3:59 pm

    Not to mention they’re being dumbed down by their “smart” phones & other electronic devices so they don’t pay attention to what’s really going on in the world. Can I say buried their heads in the sand?


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