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The thinning of the population?

August 2, 2014

Due to weather conditions here in Alaska HughesNet has not been working since Thursday so today I am using the WinLink ham radio email system to make this posting.

Today, (Thursday), I heard a story on the radio that leaves me scratching my head. Why is the United States bringing to our country two Americans infected with the Ebola virus? Seeing how quickly the deadly virus is spread one would think we should leave these people where the outbreak is happening, not bring them here with a chance of it spreading throughout the nation. Since it is 60% fatal and they have been infected for weeks plus there is no cure I can not understand the reasoning for their return to the US. Could it be the conspiracy theorists are right that the globalists want to thin out the world population?

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  1. Del permalink
    August 3, 2014 3:16 am

    They hit Atlanta last night.


  2. August 4, 2014 6:52 am

    Okay, I’m going to try this one again:
    First off allow me to offer up my ‘credentials’ underlying the statements I’m about to make. I earned a BS in Food Science from Michigan State; this major was heavy into organic chemistry, microbiology and biochemistry. I’ve always enjoyed microbiology and after loading up on as many courses in the field as I could I earned enough credit to minor in microbiology so I have a fairly solid foundation in the field. My specialty was microbial enzymes but I did have some background with viruses. Since entering the workplace I’ve remained fairly up to speed regarding micro-organisms (i.e. bacteria, viruses, molds and similar) in terms of public health mainly because of curiosity and interest. I’ve read extensively on Ebola, Marburg and other hemorrhagic fevers caused by ‘filo-viruses’ which are a family of relatively simple viruses which exist mainly as a ‘line’ of proteins which form a filament. If memory serves Ebola Zaire, which is the culprit in the outbreak in Africa and is the most virulent strain (Ebola Sudan, Ebola Reston, and Ebola Bundibugyo are other fairly well known subspecies), has a mortality of between 50% and 90%. What is being overlooked in all the recent hype is the higher mortality figures come from the African bush where good medical care is almost non-existent and superstitions run rampant. I’ve also heard this is the first time Ebola has appeared on the US; this is a flat out lie! In the late 1970’s there was an outbreak of what came to be known as Ebola Reston in Reston, Virginia which is just outside Washington, DC. It occurred at a warehouse which housed green monkeys imported from western and central Africa which are utilized in medical testing and research. In this case the Ebola burned through the entire facility and killed all the animals but apparently was not transmissible in that form from the monkeys to humans. I even tried to visit the site in the late 1990s but discovered it had been bulldozed earlier that decade. Current strains are not spread via air although the possibility exists that Ebola could be transmitted from humans to other humans if an infected person sneezed and expelled a substantial amount of droplets which were very quickly inhaled by another human being. With the current strains it takes contact with the fluids of an infected person to transmit the disease. The facilities these two health workers are in are the equivalent of a ‘Class IV’ Biohazard Containment facility. Basically they are sealed boxes which maintain a negative air pressure such that everything in the room is drawn through a ventilation system employing a series of finer and finer filters down to micron size along with UV light ‘traps’ and chemical sprays which completely deactivate the virus. The negative pressure means nothing can escape the room because the outside pressure is slightly greater. Anyone working with these victims will be fully clothed in a biohazard suit – either Racal suits (those orange suits with the self contained filtered breathing apparatus for field work) or a Chemturion suit (the blue suits that attach to air lines within a room). Said suits are completely disinfected after use using UV light and a chemical spray. It’s possible to safely work with this virus and those infected via these measures. As both these people are Americans it was this country’s obligation to bring them home to provide the best treatment available which is mainly keeping them hydrated and trying to prevent secondary infections as there is no current cure for Ebola. About the only way there could’ve been a contamination issue would’ve been if the air ambulance carrying them crashed within the US and the first responders did not know the people on board were infected with Ebola. Thankfully this did not occur! While accidents do happen and no systems is ‘fool proof’ the existing containment is about as close to 100% as possible. Any issues from these folks being brought home for treatment is virtually zero…


    • Jon permalink
      August 10, 2014 2:51 am

      Thanks for the info. As usual the media is fear-mongering.


      • August 10, 2014 7:08 am

        Jon – Sadly this is true; instead of doing their job of reporting facts they prefer to try to stoke ratings by sensationalizing and hyping virtually everything. I’ve remained amused by the screaming headlines that some folks within the US are being tested for Ebola. I’d much prefer to have our health services on guard as versed with asleep at the switch! And to this point every one has been negative. It wouldn’t surprise me if at some point we don’t identify a few positives somewhere in the US. In fact, this is almost a given because of air travel and the fact that the locus of the outbreak is in a medically backward area of the world. I wouldn’t be concerned until the medical professionals identify a ‘hot spot’ which would be a localized area that has many positives tests for the disease. But I think the odds of this occurring are very low. With this said if you want to read an excellent albeit truly frightening book I’d recommend Richard Preston’s 1994 non-fiction thriller ‘The Hot Zone’. It’s a fascinating look at the outbreak in Reston, Virginia as well as accounts of other outbreaks and a very detailed look at the history of the disease, how Ebola is spread and what it does to its victims.


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